Tom DeLonge Talks With Kerrang • Page 2

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  1. Ska Senanake


    Lol shit nvm then
  2. 333 GANG


    This is a very bad take.
  3. Uknown76


    And forget the f**king POP !! >:-(:-/
  4. prattsy


    If any band is going to connect with me more at this point, it'll be AVA. None of them are good lyricists, but Tom is least offensive to my soul. There are parts of Love pt1 that I thought were really pleasant, and so far this era is being scored:

    AVA - 1
    blink - 0
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  5. AMC


    From what I've seen over the years. They all seem to be friends still too. Maybe not hang out, but civil.
  6. AMC


    Haha ok buddy. Matt had a nice career with alkaline trio, but that call from Mark to join blink was definitely winning the lottery for him.
  7. AsfAstAswegofar


    Skiba is the best thing to happen to Blink since Untitled. Its kind of shitty to be like yeah, Ill go back to Blink when I'm bored of my alien shit. Like come on man, give it a rest. You don't get to choose when to give a shit about something, if your hearts not in it...I prefer you stay out of it. Work on some good AVA, we know it can happen.
  8. HarrisonMonopoly


    hell yeah, you're def not wrong, but I just feel like he's watching his new girlfriend slowly but surely fall back in love with their ex.