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Tom DeLonge Releases New YA Novel Series

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 4, 2016.

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    Tom DeLonge has released the new young adult novel Strange Times: The Ghost in the Girl. The full press release can be found below.

    Multi-platinum-selling artist TOM DELONGE (Blink 182, Angels & Airwaves) has released STRANGE TIMES: THE GHOST IN THE GIRL, the first in a planned trilogy of humorous Young Adult science-fiction novels co-authored by award-winning author Geoff Herbach of the Felton Reinstein Trilogy.
    STRANGE TIMES: THE GHOST IN THE GIRL (To The Stars/Simon & Schuster), tells the hilarious and haunting origin story of the crew of outcast misfits that first appeared in DeLonge’s graphic novel Strange Times: The Curse of Superstition Mountain. The narrative follows Charlie, the once popular jock whose father is a US Air Force pilot that has gone missing on active duty without explanation, as he’s forced into an Earth Science group project with four other rejects that include two slacker skateboarders, an uptight science nerd and an awkward husky kid with obvious social issues. The boys hate each other, but when a hot ghost girl starts reeking havoc by taking over Riley’s body, they must work together to solve the horrific mystery shrouding their hometown in order to stay alive.
    From the imagination of blink-182’s award-winning author Tom DeLonge, the Strange Times crew first debuted in the graphic novel Strange Times: The Curse of Superstition Mountain. Now teamed-up with Geoff Herbach, also an award-winning author of the Felton Reinstein Trilogy, DeLonge tells the hilarious and haunting adventure that originally forced five outcast jerks to band together or give up the ghost.

    “This is a story reflecting some of the peripheral moments in my life. Of a suburban kid who grew up breaking rules, getting kicked out of high school, and obsessively looking for the more unusual and imaginative experiences that this world has to offer,” says DeLonge.

    STRANGE TIMES was first conceived in 2009 as an alternative, fringe news website curated by DeLonge and bandmate Matt Wachter for fans interested in learning about esoteric topics. The brand’s storytelling evolved to include coming-of-age adventure series based on DeLonge’s own humorous accounts from adolescence and obsession with the paranormal. An animation and other media are also in development.

    This is Tom DeLonge’s third novel published by his independent publishing company To The Stars… since its inception in 2015. His previous young adult novel co-written with NYTimes bestselling author Suzanne Young, Poet Anderson …Of Nightmares, received the 2016 Benjamin Franklin Silver Award in Teen Fiction

  2. The words "humorous," "hilarious," and "haunting" were used far too many times in that press release.
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  3. Ferrari333SP

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    The guy is at least being productive with his time away from music; he's doing what makes him happy and on his terms. I'd love to see him return to music, but that probably won't happen for a while
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  4. subplotofcrows

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    Press release was rough.
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  5. KyleK

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    Call me PC, but I hate lazy teenage tropes and archetypes like those describing the main characters: "popular jock", "slacker skateboarders", "awkward husky kid", etc. I'm not sure if it offends me, or simply sounds lame, but it really annoys me when television/movies/books distill characters down to those characteristics. It worked okay in the 80's for The Breakfast Club (or I accept the stereotypes rolled out by Hughes), but I feel like it should become less relevant nowadays.
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  6. chris-wrecker


    "hot ghost girl"
  7. SayHello


    Happy that he's doing what he wants, but I agree with above commenters, that press release was bad.
  8. Mike J

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  9. FrankieThe4th

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    Reading that press release was exhausting.
  10. Frank Lapidus

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    I just watched his Ernie Ball documentary the other day. I'd encourage everyone to watch it. Very well made and was an interesting look into where he's at these days. I know he always gets a lot of shit in the forums, and rightfully so at times, but the dude is consistently creating things and trying to put out as much art as he's hard for me to fault him for that. Especially after watching the documentary.
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  11. Dirty Sanchez

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  12. Tylar


    Wait what awards has Tom won as an author? Or did I read that wrong?
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  13. slimfenix182


    Maybe he's counting a VMA as an author of a blink song
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  14. the rural juror

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    "reeking havoc"
  15. PandaBear!

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    just how hot is this ghost girl, though? I hope one of the Strange Times Crew "gets lucky" with her!
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