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Tom DeLonge Producing New History Channel Series

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Mar 12, 2019.

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    Tom DeLonge is executive producing a new History Channel series called Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation. The full press release can be found below.

    New York, NY – March 12, 2019 – In December of 2017, The New York Times published a stunning front-page exposé about the Pentagon’s mysterious UFO program, the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). Featuring an interview with former military intelligence official and Special Agent In- Charge, Luis Elizondo, who confirmed the existence of the hidden government program, the controversial story was the focus of worldwide attention. Previously run by Elizondo, AATIP was created to research and investigate Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) including numerous videos of reported encounters, three of which were released to a shocked public in 2017. Elizondo resigned after expressing to the government that these UAPs could pose a major threat to our national security and not enough was being done to deal with them or address our potential vulnerabilities. Now, as a part of HISTORY’s groundbreaking new six-part, one-hour limited series “Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation[​IMG],” Elizondo is speaking out for the first time with Tom DeLonge, co-founder and President of To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science and Chris Mellon, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense and Intelligence, to expose a series of startling encounters and embark on fascinating new investigations that will urge the public to ask questions and look for answers. From A+E Originals, DeLonge serves as executive producer.
    Says DeLonge, “With this show, the real conversation can finally begin. I’m thankful to HISTORY for giving the To The Stars Academy team of world-class scientists, engineers and intelligence experts the opportunity to tell the story in a comprehensive and compelling way. I think everyone that watches the show will walk away with questions answered and a feeling of, “wow, I get it now.”’

    “HISTORY is committed to creating informational, authentic programming that keeps our audience intrigued to learn more,” said Eli Lehrer, Executive Vice President and Head of Programming, HISTORY. “This is not a UFO hunting show, but a series that will hopefully provoke a cultural conversation about unexplained phenomena and allow our viewers to ultimately draw their own conclusions. Tom’s curiosity and passion for this subject matter, combined with his team, are the perfect partners to deliver this breakthrough series.”

    DeLonge, Elizondo, Mellon and a trustworthy, connected team of investigators that includes retired Program Director for Advanced Systems at Lockheed Martin’s Skunkworks and the Aerospace Division Director for To The Stars Academy, Steve Justice, renowned CIA researcher and quantum physicist, and Vice President of Science and Technology at To The Stars Academy, Hal Puthoff and retired senior intelligence service member of the Central Intelligence Agency and Vice President of Operations at To The Stars Academy, Jim Semivan, will break boundaries and perceived government taboo by disclosing information about efforts being made to change government policy surrounding these phenomena, as well as produce tangible evidence to build the most indisputable case for the existence and threat of UFOs ever assembled. “Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation[​IMG]” will reveal newly authenticated evidence and footage, interviews from eyewitnesses and former military personnel who have never spoken out before and extensive breakthroughs in understanding the technology behind these unknown phenomena in our skies.

    “Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation[​IMG]” is produced for HISTORY by A+E Originals. DeLonge is executive producer. Steve Ascher, Kristy Sabat and Anthony Lappé are executive producers for A+E Originals. Mike Stiller serves as executive producer for HISTORY.

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  2. The Black Parade

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    Hey mom, there’s something in the back room
  3. Mr. Serotonin

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    This is not a UFO hunting show. It's Inside America's UFO Investigation.

    Oh, okay :crylaugh:
  4. artbynickferran

    Will absolutely 100% watch this.
  5. Dog Fish

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    "reveal newly authenticated evidence and footage"

    What does this mean? Like it's unedited footage or footage of authentic UFOs?
  6. miltownrob

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    this is unreal. i didn't even knew tom liked aliens.
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  7. Frank Lapidus

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    10 year old me would love this.

    Hell, 32 year old me will still probably love this.
  8. RileyWitiw

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    Tom's character arc is really meeting it's natural conclusion
  9. AsfAstAswegofar


    Tom wants to be there.
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  10. Matt Metzler Prestigious

  11. David87

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    This guy better be in it
  12. AP_Punk

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    If "Aliens Exist" is the show's theme song, I'll watch.
  13. Yellowcard2006


    The joke has gone too far.
  14. Darth Amory

    Sith Lord.

    Tom is home.
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  15. supernovagirl

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    right?! this is the most "yep sounds about right" piece of news
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  16. 333 GANG


    I’ll watch this with zero shame.
  17. SEANoftheDEAD Mar 13, 2019
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    I have a friend who's a flight attendant and told me that Tom flew on her flight a few weeks ago.

    Ended up telling her she's the cutest flight attendant he's ever seen and then proceeded to talk about aliens.

    Just Tom being Tom.
  18. ManchesterOrch8

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    On brand.
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  19. slimfenix182 Mar 13, 2019
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    I wish I loved anything as much as Tom loves aliens
  20. Ken

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  21. SEANoftheDEAD


    this made me lol a little too hard
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  22. Landrick Robert

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    If someone told me this fifteen years ago I would of called them a fucking liar.
  23. summertimejesus

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    Waiting for him to open up the “Tom DeLonge Center for Extraterrestrial Life” now so my joke can be validated.

    Also had a dream last night that I was at a Blink show except Matt was the singer and it was the mid-90’s.
  24. paythetab

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  25. Ken

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