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Tom DeLonge Launches To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 11, 2017.

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    The live press conference from Tom DeLonge detailing the new “To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science” can be watched on Facebook. A trailer for the endeavor can be found on YouTube. Shares for the company are now for sale at $5 each with a minimum $200 investment.

    I highly recommend reading the offering document before thinking of investing in something like this. The outstanding shares to asset ratio, lack of a viable business model, and clauses for dilution of any stock purchased make me very wary of this “investment.” But, I’m not a financial investor and you should talk to one before investing.

  2. Bayside 182

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    Maybe Tom can have a guest spot on the X-Files, they did have Tim from Rancid on last season.
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    Dude has lost his mind.
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  4. Dead_Presley


    Oh my lord, very murky and overall scammy and unorganized. Good luck
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  5. KyleK

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    Everything about this just makes me think of Peter Venkman.

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  6. Jonathan Oct 11, 2017
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    The video is long, full of buzzwords, and doesn't tell us much about what the "academy" does in detail. There could be more, and admittedly I haven't really combed through any of the other materials. However, my friend Sam (who may post here) read through the disclosure and sent me these tidbits:

    • It lists out the company structure, the licensing structure that Tom has in place (his company licenses his music and likeness from himself.)
    • The company is required to pay him at least $100k a year in royalties no matter what, and he also earns .5-15% royalties on all gross sales.
    • He loaned the company $500k in total and he requires that the company pay him in full (plus interest) once this campaign ends.
    To Tom's credit, this is probably still far more legitimate than Trump University, so…
  7. samhouston


    (this is Sam). Just to add - I actually don't particularly really care what Tom does with his money and his projects. It's his right.

    Only thing I wanted to point out is that this whole thing just feels kind of weird, especially with him requiring this company to pay him back so quickly.

    If he's all-in on this company and believes in it so much, why is he requiring that it pay him so much money? Wouldn't you just not take the money and take equity instead?

    Maybe it's because I live in Silicon Valley and I'm used to people investing in their own projects/companies and not expecting anything in return for years. Just feels weird for a dude like Tom to have all of these payment stipulations.
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  8. jpmalone4

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    Yeah I mean this is basically just a penny stock. Hope it works out for him though! Honestly just surprised he didn't attempt to do an ICO instead... feels like this kind of crazy thing in 2017 would fit right in with those.
  9. motifsinthecity


    From the offering circular's company business/financial risk section:

    "Telepathy. Research into telepathy may require scientific testing on persons, which will expose the company to different risk factors than its other proposed projects."

    Whoooooooo-eeee. Say what you want about California, but it wasn't a conspiracy spiked pyramid scheme in the guise of a Reg A fundraise. Tom is banking on this offering to buoy his creative ventures and create a Marvel/DC type media empire--to then bank roll all his nutty science experiments. No thanks.

    You might as well light your money on fire.
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  10. CyberInferno

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    Yeah, but a Chia Pet is a more legitimate real animal than Trump University, so that's not saying much.
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  11. Jonathan

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  12. Jesse Atticus

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    They are selling shares of a company that have no liquidity value. There is no market for these shares which means you would not be able to sell them. Not to mention that any stake you have will be further diluted every time they issue new shares.
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  13. Beside that what’s the upside tho? Hahaa.
  14. skurt

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    Four Words: Strange Times music album.
  15. snaps

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    So it’s a kickstarter without perks?
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  16. Yellowcard2006 Oct 11, 2017
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    I've always said we need someone doing more research into telepathy.
  17. angrycandy

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    this guy
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  18. zachmacD


    Tom should go on the joe rogan experience. that would be something
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  19. Hazelnutsack


    Further proof that blink 182 was just a cult
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  20. SuNDaYSTaR

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    I'm a financial investor, and you still shouldn't invest in this.
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  21. skurt

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    As a financial investor describe the business model using a shape.
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  22. Kennedy Prestigious

    a penis
  23. HelloThisIsDog


    holy shit, already over 6million bucks...
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  24. tobytobes


    I'll be honest, if I was younger and had more disposable income, I would invest just for something to do.

    I can see other people doing it just because, or because they "love Tom" still, or for tons of other "reasons", haha.
  25. tobytobes


    Also - I'm watching that video trailer now. Tom's normal calm speaking voice is very normal and not what I would have ever thought it was. I would have NO idea it was Tom speaking if I wasn't looking at his face.