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  1. Kizwiz


    Yeah, I agree with that. Wasn't referencing any of that. If he was throwing shade on Fieldman (swear he's friends with the guys in GC though?) then that was a dick move.

    Yeah, which is why I said to you, "I think what they're doing right now is for the best" because it's not fair on Mark or Travis. But at the same time you could argue it's not fair for Tom to be kicked out if he has other commitments and he is doing rather a lot, it seems. I agree with them carrying on with Skiba though. The situation is undoubtedly messy but that doesn't stop the point that Tom still wants to be involed with the band and still claims that he is in it.
  2. J.Dick


    Ok dude. It makes no sense. He isn't actively playing in Blink, didn't write or record with them and isn't playing any shows with them. It doesn't matter if he "still wants to be involved". He isn't.
  3. Kizwiz


    It's still just one album and still pretty recent. I think they'll reunite eventually. Everyone knows Blink is Tom's cashcow. That's probably why Mark & Travis are keeping the blink name instead of opting for "a new +44 record". Travis recently said again that there's "no bad blood" between the three and they're meeting again. So this is probably just a temporary (but significant) blip in the band. It's not like Skiba has left Alkaline Trio yet either.

    There's probably some grounds where Tom could even sue them. But fortunately, he isn't.
  4. Jake Z


    This. People who hate on that +44 album are completely biased or have never heard it. The majority of it isnt even typical pop punk. Sings like 155, Baby Come on, Weatherman, Lillian, Little Death, Make You Smile, No it isn't, etc are all very good and sound different. If it isn't your thing, fine, but it's a damn good album.
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  5. Kizwiz


    It's funny cos my profile states I've listened to +44 more than AVA, despite +44 only having just one album;

    Plus, I actually prefer Mark. I just don't agree with the notion that Tom is worse than Mark at not willing to evolve with a diverse sound. Even for the new blink record the guys have said they're looking for that old-school sound and Tom even says himself he wants to "evolve" (which in his entire career, he has done). +44 was great but no more different than Box Car Racer. But apparently you're a Tom fanboy or 'high' if you argue otherwise, lol..
  6. Jake Z


    I don't think it's that. You can argue Tom isn't "evolving" at all, as most of his post Blink work is of the same vibe. I think people find it really off putting that Tom thinks his music is somehow above punk music or what Blink does. It's really annoying as there are a ton of punk bands that destroy AvA in terms of quality output. If that's what music he wants to make, awesome. No one is stopping him or even talking shit about his tunes(I.e. Mark and Travis). But Tom seems to always have to bring that mindset to interviews. Which is funny, because without pop punk, Tom Delonge would have zero career.
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  7. Kizwiz


    I'm just arguing that he's "evolving" more than Mark. At least he's even committing to doing so and it's fair to believe that his work on a new Blink album could completely deviate from any previous stuff, as he's done that before (ie with self-titled).

    Yeah, he's also been a bit of a narcissist with his music. Especially if he's acting like he's beyond needing a producer. AVA is more of a reflection on his current interests. He's become obsessed with space, UFOs and all those vibes that he can detail with AVA. But he still wants to be part of Blink, it zeens.
  8. Jake Z


    But like you said, it's completely shitty to hold the other 2 back and be half ass committed to the band. It just doesn't work that way.

    Far too much is made of bands evolving anyway. Tons of bands make music consistently in the same vein that remains great music. Change for the sake of change isn't good.

    Tom is doing his thing, which is cool. But it's time for the other guys to focus on what they want to do.
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  9. ThunderPaws


    Am I crazy for remembering when people really liked Dogs Eating Dogs in the absolutepunk era? People seemed excited about the direction the band was heading in from that EP. To say it hasn't worked in over a decade may be a stretch. Neighborhoods was panned pretty widely, but fans seemed fairly excited about DED.

    Of course nothing was going to match the commercial success of a full on MTV prime era of Blink 182. The music business landscape just isn't the same. In that very era, Taylor swift would be a billionaire.
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  10. Kizwiz


    Sure but in his defense it was only December 2012 when their last EP released. Wasn't even 3 years since they released new music until Tom was "kicked out". There's other bands that are still "active" and haven't released music in a decade or so. It's not like Mark and Travis are dependent on Blink.

    But yeah, this is the best option currently. If Tom can't currently commit then he should accept them carrying on without him, but if he's officially kicked out of what essentially was his own band because of scheduling conflicts then I'm somewhat sympathetic for both parties.
  11. I recall the opposite: positive intitial reactions to the album, but now it's seen as pretty mediocre, and the DED EP was never well received. The feature, production, lyrics ... never accepted.
  12. ThunderPaws


    I guess I just seemed to remember people seeing it as a step in the right direction vs Neighborhoods.

    Wasn't it also recorded with all the band members in the same studio? (Which is almost a floater pitch of an idea to suggest when making an improvement over your previous album)

    Either way. New track is cool. I can't listen to it and say "hey- This is blink 182!" But maybe that feeling will grow on me with time.

    I feel like having been married to a blonde for 20 years only to wake up one day and she's suddenly brunette. She has all of the great qualities I love- there's just something that will take some getting used to. Not necessarily a bad thing.
  13. FTank

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    I can't believe anyone thinks the band is ever going to reunite with Tom. I thought we were past this.
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  14. Dirty Sanchez

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    It's never going to happen. and if it somehow does, Mark, Matt and Travis will likely all record together and then Tom will send his files over. So on this theoretical album, we'll have 12 "blink-182" songs and then 4-5 Tom songs that he mailed in.
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  15. Joseph Pepe


    The assumptions without any knowledge in this post is a bit unsettling.
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  16. Kizwiz May 2, 2016
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    Assumptions? Sure. Without any knowledge? Incorrect.

    "It's still just one album and still pretty recent."
    Fact/opinion (if you consider a year to be recent or not is subjective).
    "I think they'll reunite eventually."
    Assumption based on my opinion.
    "Everyone knows Blink is Tom's cashcow."
    Undeniably a fact. What other projects bring him anywhere near the revenue Blink does?
    "That's probably why Mark & Travis are keeping the blink name instead of opting for "a new +44 record"."
    Opinion. But makes perfect sense. They love Blink and generate far more publicity as Blink than +44.
    "Travis recently said again that there's "no bad blood" between the three and they're meeting again."
    "So this is probably just a temporary (but significant) blip in the band."
    Assumption based on my own opinion (hence the 'probably').
    "It's not like Skiba has left Alkaline Trio yet either."
    Fact. They played shows a few weeks ago.
    "There's probably some grounds where Tom could even sue them."
    Assumption. But they're using his band's name and as he said, he hasn't been "officially kicked out" do there could be some baseline for an appeal.
    "But fortunately, he isn't."
    Fact (as of yet).

    So no, most assumptions is based on knowledge or my own opinion (as clearly stated). I've backed up plenty of facts as to base my assumption that Tom may EVENTUALLY be back in the band, such as Travis saying "there is no bad blood" between them, Tom meeting up with Mark, Skiba still having his own band, Tom saying he still part of Blink and would be willing to reunite. So the assumptions have some merits or 'knowledge' whether you like it or not.
  17. J.Dick May 2, 2016
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    It's like you don't understand how these big bands work.
    Blink 182 isn't some little garage band. You know Tom doesn't actively have to be in the band in order to see money. Why would he sue them? Blink is big business. I'm sure a group of managers and lawyers ironed out an agreement before they moved forward with Matt Skiba. As much as you might want to think Mark, Tom and Travis are still great friends Blink is like most long term bands in that the relationships are primarily business relationships especially in terms of their relationships with Tom. Otherwise they wouldn't speak to each other only through managers.

    You have no idea what the agreement is between Tom and Mark/Travis. He might still get a split of anything that has the Blink 182 name on it including records he didn't play on and shows he doesn't play at. Part of the agreement might also be "don't talk shit on Tom in public".

    They are keeping the Blink name because +44 might sell out clubs. Blink sells out arenas.

    Why would Skiba leave Alkaline Trio? He plays in at least 4 bands by my count. Dan the bass player plays in 2 bands and solo. Derek G still sometimes plays with Suicide Machines and solo shows.

    It's also not that crazy to say they will reunite "eventually". I wouldn't hold my breath though.
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  18. GEM37

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    Does anybody else wonder what it's like to be Tom's wife these days?
  19. Kizwiz


    The main cash flow will still come from doing live shows - which he is not a part of. His split fees in royalties still pale in comparison. He's missing out on big bucks whilst Skiba is gaining a lot from filling in. Tom cares about the "legacy" of the band and said he has been "totally bummed" by it all. If things got ugly (and there was "bad blood") then there could be grounds for him to sue. Especially if he says he's "still in the band".

    A group of lawyers and agents may have done some agreement regarding the album but clearly not with Tom being officially out of the band considering Tom recently said he never OFFICIALLY left.

    There's deinitely business aspects to the relationships. There's no denying that. But Tom says he "loves" those guys and wants to be part of Blink. Travis says there's "no bad blood". Tom even says he wishes they'd pick up the phone (but tbf he did allegedly get his manager to quit.. just like in 2005). They have all met each other too. So it may be strictly business, but may not. I do think they're different people creatively and personality-wise. They're not sleeping together in the back of vans anymore. But blink-182 still has a legacy of Tom, Mark, Travis. If a few years down the line Skiba is still part of the band, then fair enough.

    It's a pretty sloppy agreement if Tom says he's "still in the band". If he cares about the "legacy not being tarnished", then I'm sure he has big views regarding the future of the band. I'm not on about this one-off or potentially two albums, but I mean from a permanent fixture.

    Agreed. Blink is much bigger. Partially a shame cos it'd be nice to hear some +44 live again but it's understandable why they want to be Blink.

    Skiba doesn't have to leave but if he has amounting commitments then it can become a struggle long-term wise anyway. This tour worked because Mark approached him with showing Trio's tour dates and how Blink shows fit around them. That may not be the case full-time. He was asked to fill-in. Blink is a much bigger international commitment, but at the same time, that maybe the appeal (bandmates being old friends, big money, new songs, different fanbase, etc). Time will tell.

    Blink have split up 3 times and the main reason they split up this time was cause Tom couldn't commit to the record. If Tom has a free schedule then there's no reason they couldn't ever make amends. Especially considering Tom says he hasn't left. I'd happily bet a reunion within 5 years of Tom "leaving".
  20. Joseph Pepe


    I don't even need to respond. You literally put more than half of those as your opinion which would make them assumptions and not fact.
  21. J.Dick


    They can't even talk on the fucking phone to each other. No band would publicly fight, air their dirty laundry, get a new dude in the band, write and record a record, begin the touring cycle then let Tom just come back at his leisure. It's an insult to the work Skiba, Mark and Travis have done that you would think so.


    Do you know anything about Alkaline Trio? Let me educate you. They are long in their career. Make a new record every 3 years. Play shows regularly but also take long periods off from touring. It will be just fine.

    5 years? Maybe...but so much of your assumptions are wish fulfillment based in nothing.

    I don't care "what Tom said". He is a crazy egomaniac who also said We Don't Need To Whisper was going to be the greatest rock and roll record of all time.
  22. J.Dick


    He said "assumptions based on my own opinions"?! What the fuck?!
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  23. FTank

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    Wait.... it's not?

    This changes everything. :concerned:
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  24. Joseph Pepe


    I know lol kinda funny. Also the fact that he said "lawyers and agents may have done some agreements." just shows a complete lack on music industry knowledge. An agent would never be involved in these conversations. Agents book tours not settle band agreements.
  25. Kizwiz


    Yes, reading comprehension is a wonderful skill to possess. A lot of the assumptions were still based on prior knowledge. My assumption that they'll reform within 5 year of Tom leaving is an opinion, which again, has some form of evidence to support it.