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Tom DeLonge Announces To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 10, 2017.

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    Leslie Kean, writing for HuffPost:

    What is going on here? Is this the beginning of some sort of trend towards a new openness on the part of the U.S. government? These people know more than any of us do, so the question of their motivation is fundamental.

    It all started with award-winning platinum recording artist and producer Tom DeLonge.


    Fast foward to the present. Now, these early advisors have mostly receded to the background and Tom has moved on to something even bigger. He has assembled a new team of collaborators and created The To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science (TTS/AAS), for which he is President and interim CEO. The Academy includes three synergistic divisions: Science, Areospace, and Entertainment. The Public Benefit Corporation is seeking to serve the public good through exploring “the outer edges of science and the understanding of phenomena,” and making all of it public.

    On Wednesday October 11, at 9:00 AM PT and 12:00 PM EST, the team will launch the new initiative at an event to be live-streamed from Seattle. Tom will introduce his colleagues and explain the intentions and purpose of the new company, and its need for public support.

    2017 has broken by ability to be shocked by anything that hits the news. Aliens could start walking down the street tomorrow morning and I’d be like, “oh, it’s a Wednesday in 2017, whateverfuckit.”

  2. bmir14


    Tom Delonge ~ President, CEO, CFO, COO, volunteer, board member, recruiter, founding member, only member
  3. irthesteve

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    You know what, good for him. He seems happy, and this is.... something that exists, so GO TOM GO
  4. Disclaimer: This seems like a very bad investment. I would not recommend buying shares. Especially the way they have it set up like this.

    (Oh, boy is this shit weird.)
  5. AshlandATeam


    You know what? There was a time when this would seem bizarre. But this is 2017 - we have Nazis in the streets, a rapist in the White House, and every day is a new nightmare. This isn't half as weird as our every day reality, and if Tom is happy, at least someone is. Here's hoping he's right and the aliens are coming to rescue us soon.
  6. Here's the run down on what you'd be investing in ... it's quite frankly one of the absolute worst investment deals I've ever seen.
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  7. I thought this announcement was going to be "we've done THIS"
    But is it "we want to do SOMETHING"

    As much as I like Tom he needs to be way clearer on what he's actually doing

    That leaked trailer for that documentary looked cool, he needs to put that out so people can actually see if he's full of shit or not.
  8. AlwaysEvolving21

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    Intentions and Purpose of the Company: Burritos, Farts, Aliens, Love, Hope, and Dreaming
  9. Zilla

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    “Under a Licensing Agreement, we are required to pay royalty payments to Tom DeLonge, Mr. Handsome, LLC, and Good In Bed Music, ASCAP”

    I don’t know. This seems like a guy I’d trust with money going towards funding telepathy experiments.
  10. backbynewyears


    “Something something an entertainment media conglomerate”
  11. Derek MacDonald


    Just read the offering document. This whole corporate structure is set up to pay Tom money it seems, at the very most their financing will be limited to 50M. What kind of dent is Tom going to put in the aerospace industry with 50 million? In addition, his current operation TTS is running at a 400k loss on 1.3M in revenue, while he states that 600K from financing will go to paying off the loan from “our two dogs” which is another DeLonge shell company. What a mess this is, and I get the sense it is another example of Tom trying to capitalize on his fan base
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  12. disambigujason

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    To be fair it’s a pretty spiffy title. Sounds like the next great sci-fi adventure series.
  13. TJ Wells

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    Shouldn't it be sciences?
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  14. tobytobes


    A) Reading that document posted by Jason about what the investments are is actually super cool to read. Never saw business paperwork like that before.

    B) They (she) misspelled Aeronautics in their press release.
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  15. Heh. Don’t go to business school you’ll hate them by the end! (This is one of the more omg ones I’ve read.)
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  16. tobytobes


    I'm way past that age, but thanks for the advice, haha.

    It's just hilarious to me that they pitch "Tom can run the company until they get a real CEO because he was in a band! TWO OF THEM! AND MADE A CARTOON!".

    Also that one of their challenges are "If Tom ever gets bad press, it could affect us."
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  17. I read it slack jawed. I’ve read some drunk 19 year old’s proposals that made more sense then some of this.
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  18. tobytobes


    So since you know about this kind of stuff...On a scale from 1-10, how ridiculous is it REALLY? Ignoring the Tom stuff since we all "know" him.

    Like, it seemed like the one part said "Tom gets 100k a month out of this, whether we bring in that much or not.", right?
  19. It was the most ridiculous and absurd offering document I’ve ever seen. I’ve been pitched multiple investments over the years and I’ve never read one like this. I went through some of the more insane parts in the Blink thread. It’s a horrible deal, the dilution of stock and outstanding shares makes your investment almost immediately worthless at $5 a share, and the structure is just maddening. It’s bad. Very bad.
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  20. tobytobes


    So you're saying there's a chance? :-)
  21. Ska Senanake


    Here here! Good on Tom. He is a fucking nut but dammmit he isn't a negative nut. I'd much rsther have him chasing aliens than finding out he's suicidal or some sort of sexual predator or something disgusting.
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  22. Haha. The part where they admit they literally have nothing, no actual company except the “entertainment” part, no profit structure... it’s ... I have no words.

    There is no currently identifiable market for the type of scientific exploration in which TTS AAS plans to engage (e.g., niche physics and consciousness). Our short-term approach is to invest in a theoretical and experimental laboratory to facilitate the company’s research projects, including Human Ultra-Experience Database, Engineering Space-Time Metrics, Brain-Computer Interface, and Telepathy.
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  23. Basically running a Ponzi scheme is bad ...
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  24. tobytobes


    You'll be sorry when Tom owns the rights to the first ever Human Ultra-Experience Databased Brain-Computer Interface and he doesn't let you play with it.
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