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Tokyo Police Club – TPC

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 19, 2018.

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    On TPC, the self-titled and fourth full-length LP from Tokyo Police Club, they crank up the guitars and hone in on their songwriting. Coming off of two quick EPs, entitled Melon Collie and the Infinite Radness (Part I and II), after the success of my favorite effort to date by the band, Forcefield, Tokyo Police Club wanted to reinvent themselves once again. What we are left with is a solid mix of guitar-driven rock by a band still trying to figure out who they are.

    Starting off the 12-song set is the track called “New Blues,” that reminded me a bit of the garage-rock style of The Strokes with Dave Monks trademark earnest vocal delivery. When Monks sings, “Battle cry, I can barely sleep/It happens every single time/It’s in my heart/It’s in my soul/For once I don’t want it to be denied,” you can feel every heartbeat and drop of emotion that went into the song. It also doesn’t hurt to have a very talented guitarist backing Monks’ words in Josh Hook, who certainly lives up to his last name by crafting several key hooks in many of the memorable songs found on this album.

    The second song, and first song released as a single, “Pigs” is a great guitar rock song that swaggers like a band that has been doing this for a while, and quite well I might add. Bassist and lead vocalist Monks sing with a refreshed confidence on this track, and its an excellent choice of a lead single.

    “Hercules” is another early standout track that again reminds me of the early Strokes vibes and the brooding confidence that their band showed on their now-historic debut. Other songs like, “Simple Dude,” find Monks being a tad more reflective than confident, yet the quality doesn’t take a backseat at all. Monks even confesses on this song, “Not that you could tell/Not that you would guess/By the way I’m talking/By the way I dress/I’m just a simple dude/With a complicated soul/I want you in your body/Tell me and I’ll roll.” Having met Monks after a concert in DC, I can personally attest to the fact that he is very down to earth and approachable. This is definitely not an “act,” and you get what you see when it comes to Monks’ and crew’s honesty found in their songs.

    “Unseen” is a nice down-tempo almost-ballad that is filled with starts and stops from the band and works well with its sequencing on the disc. One of the more aggressive songs on the LP, “Dltfwyh” has a cool guitar looped riff in the beginning and builds up to the acronym of a chorus when Monks sings, “Don’t let them fuck with your heart.” Good advice aside, this is one of my favorite songs that Tokyo Police Club has written to date.

    “Can’t Stay Here” soars to new-found heights not typically found from this artist, with its great bass lines and pop-style song structure. Monks sings on the second verse, “I guess there’s nothing I could say/That would change the way things are/Don’t you know that I need you now?/Meet you in another life (back to bed)/Tell me everything you’ve learned/Make it so, cause I can’t stay here.” The chorus of this song leaves more lyrical content to be desired, but the overall shiny production of this song makes it a keeper.

    While “Ready to Win” finds Monks finding each and every way to use F-bombs over and over, but it’s a clever break of pace from the speedy electric guitar-driven approach of the front half of the record. Composed mostly on the acoustic guitar, “Ready to Win” Monks gets straight down to the “everyman” approach and confesses all the reasons why you should care.

    “Edgy” is a nice spacey rocker to close out the final three songs on this record, as it allows the band to do what they do best, write killer hooks and breakdowns. “One of These Days” is a great ballad to close out the set, and will likely become a crowd favorite on their upcoming North American tour this Fall. “Daisy Chain” is the final song and one of the weaker songs included on this record, and may have been better served as a B-side rather than the last memory found on the LP.

    Overall, this a very fun album and I’m happy with the new approach that Tokyo Police Club took on this effort. One can only hope they continue to expand upon this sound in new and interesting ways in the records to follow. This record isn’t perfect by any means, but at least the arrow is trending in the right direction.

  2. mattylikesfilms


    This record seriously bored me and I love TPC but... I cannot get into this aside from maybe a few tracks
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  3. paythetab

    Chorus.FM Album Reviewer (Adam Grundy) Supporter

    This one took a few spins to grow on me...Not as immediate as Forcefield and Champ, but I think it does have some great moments here.
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  4. mattylikesfilms


    I'll have to give it another try. Champ is by far my favorite TPC record with Forcefield being second.
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  5. smowashere

    Trusted Supporter

    Forever one of my favorite bands. I think some of these songs are a bit weaker than what I would hope from them at this point, but there are definitely some gems as well!
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  6. grimis16


    Champ is amazing and Forcefield is a close 2nd. Elephant Shell and A Lesson in Crime have great standout tracks.

    I hope this one will be a grower, but there's no standout track. I've enjoyed it more than Melon Collie as I think those EPs were overly poppy and a bit embarrassing.

    Not a fan of this review though. Daisy Chain as a B-side? This is a pretty straight forward TPC song. As a fan of TPC I don't find much opinion or information from the review. Just a general sentence or two about specific tracks.

    I think the hooks are missing throughout this album. I feel like they've tried to distance themselves as far away from the Melon Collie EPs as possible. New Blues, and Pigs sound nothing like something you'd get from those EPs. I think the most TPC songs are Hercules and Unseen is the best song on the album. I don't like how many f-bombs are dropped overall, even though I kinda enjoy the song Ready To Win.

    Champ and Forcefield are two of my favorite albums ever, so I have a hard time not feeling like this is a disappointment. The reviewer mentions that they are moving in the right direction and they are expanding their sound, but this album almost never happened, they were on the brink of breaking up and this was pieced together. I honestly feel like this is it. Overall I agree with the reviewer though and see this album as a mixed bag and a band trying to find themselves. Unfortunately they aren't able to tap their creative and catchiness of Champ or Forcefield.
  7. grimis16


    Which ones do you see as "gems"?
  8. grimis16


    Which great moments?
  9. smowashere

    Trusted Supporter

    New Blues is great; I thought that when they released it in April. Pigs, Edgy, and One of These Days were my other favorites.

    I do miss some of their quirkiness and the synths/keyboards, but I can see why the lukewarm response to the EPs made them pursue this more garage/guitar driven direction.

    Also really wasn’t feeling Hercules or Simple Dude as much as singles, but they’ve grown on me too.
  10. mattylikesfilms


    Listened to the album once more and it’s still... just very boring. Some songs are alright like New Blues, Simple Dude, Unseen, and One of These Days but the album is just one long song to me.

    Honestly- these dudes lost a lot of steam in the four years it took them to release a follow up to Champ. Even though Forcefield is pretty great- 4 years is a long time and some artists never come back from it.
  11. grimis16


    "the album is just one long song to me". I think that sums up my feelings as well.
  12. smowashere

    Trusted Supporter

    I guess you could argue it’s their most cohesive album? lol

    It’s definitely not my favorite by them, but I really hope they can stick it out and deliver something awesome.
  13. prattsy


    Agree completely. The songwriting (both lyrically and compositions) is awful. I'd consider myself a big time TPC guy, but this album is honestly terrible. Sounds like an album I'd be able to write while sitting around playing guitar and watching TV.
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  14. mattylikesfilms


    Yup. I have Apple Music so I was reading the lyrics on this and while TPC has never been amazing lyrically- their past work definitely tried harder than this.
  15. Vase Full Of Rocks

    Trusted Supporter

    This album is muy bad.
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