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Tokyo Police Club – “DLTFWYH”

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. smowashere


    Love this song. Love this band.
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  3. Vase Full Of Rocks


    Super meh.
  4. Wow. I forgot about this band. Now im going to listen to the Pink Spiders and Head Automatica.
  5. Vase Full Of Rocks


    I've been posting in the forums, but no one seems to care, but the Pink Spiders have a new album, their first in 10 years.
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  6. I just looked them up and read about it!
  7. Vase Full Of Rocks


    The album officially comes out on the 31st but it's been available to Kickstarter backers for like a month now. It's really good.
  8. Nice! I look forward to it. I literally haven't listened to them in yeaaaarrs.
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  9. Vase Full Of Rocks


    It's only the same singer, the two other band members left. It's still pretty catchy though.
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  10. Just noticed that too! Weird haha
  11. prattsy


    Tokyo Police Club released another new song the day before, called Hercules. It was on the Billboard website
  12. tyramail

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    I have not heard that name in years! The first time I ever saw All Time Low, they opened for the Pink Spiders lol.