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To Hell With the Witch-Hunt Debate

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 23, 2017.

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    Caitlin Flanagan, writing for The Atlantic:

    Every day seems to add another man to the list, and precious few of them have flatly denied the accusations. The strangled, vague, blanket apology—intended not to rile up any other potential accusers, leaving plenty of maneuvering room if the charges end up in court—has become an art form.

    How many women will find some kind of justice for terrible things that have happened to them at work? And how many women won’t ever have to face such things because of this profound episode? We don’t know the answer to either question, but we do know this: There is a gathering sense that all of this has just gone too far. It was fine in the beginning, when a handful of Hollywood monsters were brought to account. But as the tide keeps roaring onto the beach, depositing flotsam of all kinds, the sentiment has begun to turn. It seems that this is just too many women saying too many things about what has happened to them, and something needs to be done about it. The approaches are various: it’s a witch hunt; it’s a sex panic; it’s destroying good men’s careers.

  2. Weird article. It ended just when I thought it got going. I would've kept reading a piece five times that length, yet I'm not positive that I understand exactly what the author's point was.
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  3. Davjs


    I don't understand why articles like this are even needed (I know why really, it's just mind blowing). I'm so against the current trend of witch hunts for people's jobs over saying something offensive, but this isn't a witch hunt..... Assault and harassment need to he dealt with no matter if you like the persons art or not.
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  4. AllenRicketts


    But the point people are making when they bring that up is that innocent or at worst innocuous incidents are being equated with the worst of them. She's addressing an argument that doesn't exist.
  5. carrytheweird

    Writing an article like this seems to take away the seriousness of the situation and turn it more into a conversation piece. Whereas the writer is stirring the pot rather than adding any substantial opinion. “It was fine in the beginning” lol no. It was never ok, it was just covered up.
  6. SuNDaYSTaR


    That's not the argument she's making.
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