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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by kpatrickwood, May 3, 2016.

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    The interview on their site Patrick did is comprehensive and illuminating. No "punk bangers" on this one
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    oh cool rick from pile is opening the tour, that's sick
  4. TJ Wells

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  5. kbeef2

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    Not sure how I feel about this single but I’m certainly intrigued
  6. abw123


    Great great band, this is exciting news
  7. irthesteve

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    Not quite sold on this song
  8. radiodead


    Love this damn song. Can’t wait for the new record. One of my favorite bands so....

    Also think Most Lamentable Tragedy is underrappreciated/underrated.
  9. Jim

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    songs tight
  10. abw123


    Ignoring for a second the concept album thing, Lamentable Tragedy is awesome once you filter out some of the garbage and interludes.......it has 10-12 REALLY good songs buried in there, maybe more.
  11. primavera

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    new song fucking rules
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  12. Matthewconte


    Yeah it has good songs but too many tracks. It's impossible to sit and listen to it. I never even bought it physically because it just makes no sense to be getting up to change/flip the record five times before it's over.
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    Just getting into Titus. Listened to The Monitor first and it really really is great, but I've been really into dense and sprawling double albums recently so The Most Lamentable Tragedy really hits the sweet spot for me. It's incredible and I relate to it probably too much.
  14. BackwardsWalker


    The Monitor is amazing and The Most Lamentable Tragedy is, at worst, exceptional in its ambition...but I probably listened to Local Business the most out of their albums. I just absolutely love the lead guitar work and feel the melodies/album lend itself to an easier, and at times more fun, listen than the others.

    When putting the critic hat on I know it’s not their “best” album, but I can’t deny the amount of listens I’ve given Local Business.
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  15. abw123


    Local Business is highly underrated......
  16. Matthewconte


    Yeah probably my second favorite.
  17. irthesteve

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    Local is definitely my least favorite of theirs, Airing included
  18. abw123


    Airing is my LEAST favorite.....
  19. irthesteve

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    It's my second least probably
  20. local_corn

    an existential crisis mixtape

    Airing is my second favorite
  21. this did not work for me at all on first listen. i'm writing about it so i'm gonna give it a few more tries but i thought it was a total slog the first time :(
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  22. tried it again a few times. yeah, I think this is a complete dud. songs go on for wayy too long and don't go anywhere or repeat the same thing endlessly to grating extremes. some things are cool like I like all the harmonies and the new voices and the horn arrangements but they don't really save it
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  23. Leftandleaving

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    That’s very disappointing to hear
  24. dadbolt

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    I've been revisiting this band since @CoffeeEyes17 and I talked about them the other night. They don't have a bad album.

    The Monitor is still an all-timer.
  25. tucah

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    hell yeah
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