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Tiny Things That Annoy You • Page 76

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by angrycandy, Apr 1, 2020.

  1. Carmen SD


    Was in Walmart the other day and this guy was wearing a face shield that didn’t even cover his mouth. It look like a child size face shield. The wife wasn’t wearing her mask properly either. But it’s Walmart I guess
  2. marsupial jones

    if i don't like your avatar i don't like you

    this is probably more than a tiny annoyance for me but:

    going to a new grocery store for the first time and having it be basically the complete opposite of what you've grown accustomed to. the layout, the flow of traffic, where carts/baskets are, etc. i had a bit of a panic attack as i felt i was the only "new" person in the store and everyone else knew what to do while i bumbled and stumbled my way through it
  3. Orla

    right on!

    Literally that’s any of the shops I’ve had to go to since March, pharmacies included. So many people with their masks pulled below their nose & in some cases, their mouth as well. And looking into the laundry place each time I walk by, you’d think masks were illegal inside.

    It’s so damn reckless and discourteous, and disheartening to see. I can only imagine how many people have become ill throughout this year because wearing a mask properly was like, slightly uncomfortable for the person ahead of them in queue somewhere.
  4. Carmen SD


    I’m not afraid of covid, but I’m courteous to others because I can be asymptomatic and give it to a high risk patient of mine. I saw a lady a different grocery store take off her mask in like and tell her young so to take his off and “breathe real air”. Healthcare workers are wearing masks hours on end and people complain to wear one for an hour. Likely a cheapy level 1 masks. Health care workers are wearing n95s, level 3s. I have a hard time breathing in an n95
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  5. waking season

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    Not being able to use my Chemex because filters are always out of stock
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  6. Carmen SD


    Guys that call me “love” on dating apps. Not sure of other women feel about being called “love”
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  7. Driving2theBusStation


    Air bnb's refund policies. Specifically during a pandemic when the host on day 4 decides to evict you for tapping on your bedframe while listening to music via headphones for two minutes and you ultimately still pay them three weeks rent. A smidge unfair I would say!
  8. Carmen SD


    The people above me phone alarm vibrate is so loud it sounds like it’s coming from my room
  9. trevorshmevor

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    Having a potentially major car issue come up in a year that I’ve barely had a reason to even own a car. Little to no vehicle expenses was supposed to basically be the only good thing about quarantine, wtf
  10. Carmen SD


    The annoying people behind me are blasting music again so I banged on the wall. They got angry and started yelling at me saying they can do whatever they want . I called the front office. Guess I’ll be calling security after hours
  11. angrycandy

    I'd watch the whole world burn to see you dance Prestigious

    I've been making plans with two of my lifelong friends for next week and they're both so goddamn hard to work with. we should've had the place we are staying reserved months ago but nothing has been done. they just act as though wishful thinking and being entitled gets you whatever you want. we were initially supposed to stay at this one place (which the person who was in charge of securing the location was supposed to check on weeks ago) but as of this morning all I had heard about it was "don't worry, it'll be fine" until I called the place myself and learned they have no cabins available. I then found a cool Airbnb that's reasonably priced and also meets all our requirements and one friend called it a dump (it's not, the other friend and I love it) and is trying to say that instead we should just camp in a tent at the place where we couldn't get a cabin all because he's a snob (and primitive camping at that place would be more expensive than the Airbnb) and it's also supposed to be pretty fucking cold here next week, and given that I have a disease which should be taken into account and I'm already wary about even doing this at all because of the coronavirus and trying to be as safe about everything as I can, I'm just done with it all if my health and opinions aren't being considered and respected how they should be. if it were just two of us, this shit would be done but the person who hasn't done shit yet is kind of just fucking us all over and it's lame and all my excitement is gone at this point
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  12. Carmen SD


    The fucking disrespectful annoying people the live behind me. That is a daily annoyance. These are the type of people with the attitude of thinking they’re hot shit and everybody loves them. Think they can do whatever they want. These are the type of people you can’t approach because they get mad. Can’t even fucking hang stuff on my walls because they get hostile when I have to hammer something. Like shit.
  13. Carmen SD


    More than a tiny annoyance. The disrespect people have the live on the side of the complex I live at. Assholes BLASTING their music at midnight in the parking lot for all to hear.