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Tiny Moving Parts Respond to Allegation

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Mar 7, 2019.

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    Tiny Moving Parts have posted a response on Facebook to allegations of misconduct.

    Hey Everyone,
    Last week I found out that an accusation of sexual assault was made against me by an anonymous individual. I apologize for how long it has taken me to respond. I really wanted to take the time to address the claim with the openness it deserved and do right by the other person involved.

    I sincerely apologize to this person who was harmed by my actions. I value this person’s privacy and want to do all I can to respect them while validating their experience, however they allow me to. It was never my intention to violate anyone or make them feel unsafe. Since this happened, I have learned a lot about the difference between expressed and implied consent and also now recognize how some of my behavior could have been harmful.

    Also, for the sake of transparency, I want to share with you the steps that have been taken since last week. When the actions were brought to my attention, I looked into the best way to get in touch with this person and provide them a space to safely share their story while retaining privacy and confidentiality. I reached out to a professional mediator who has experience with sexual assault survivors and restorative justice and they agreed to get involved.

    Mediation was offered and the person responded that they wanted a week to think it over. During that time, I saw a therapist who has helped me to better understand how my actions in the past could have had harmful consequences. After a week, they came back and said that they weren’t ready to go through with mediation, which is 100% their right that I validate and respect. It’s their story and their choice to tell it whenever or if ever they are ready. The door is always open if they’d like pursue mediation in the future.

    Moving forward, I would like to make some positive and restorative steps including:
    – Donating the proceeds from our upcoming tour to Peace Over Violence (, RAINN ( and the Joyful Heart Foundation (
    – Work to raise up marginalized voices by giving them time to speak on stage about important issues and table at our shows
    – Commit myself to ongoing therapy and continue to learn more about how I can do better while holding myself and others accountable
    I apologize to anyone who has been hurt, disappointed or triggered by this news. Please respect this person’s privacy by allowing them to remain anonymous and refrain from messaging or harassing them.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    – Dylan

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  3. Mason


    While the statement is one of the best ones I've heard in a while, still just sucks tremendously. Love the band and the guy has to be one of the nicest people I've met from a band. Didn't even know the guy was accused of anything until I saw their FB post today. This news makes me sad. :(
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  4. Saephon


    Seems like he's trying to hold himself accountable. I can't give much more of an opinion on it since details are vague, but it sounds like it happened six years ago and, hopefully, he is continuing to try to be a better person and mend the wrongs. Dylan's always seemed like the nicest guy, and yes nice guys can do terrible things too. That said, I have some optimism that this situation has the potential to be a good (and rare) example of restorative justice playing out.
  5. CMilliken


    Best response to something like this. Really cool they’re setting tables up at shows and donating all their earnings.
  6. Jared Luttrell


    I don't really know anything about this band or the details of what happened but that statement and supposed course of action sounds a lot better than what most of these cases result in.
  7. Literally just spun this record because I remembered liking the guitarist’s work when I saw them open for the menzingers. Then it was 2019. Glad he did all this and put out the statement he did but it was like “... really?” when the first thing I searched produced “responds to allegations.”