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Tim Hecker - Anoyo (May 10, 2019) Album

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by amorningofsleep, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. amorningofsleep Feb 12, 2019
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    I came. I saw. I -kzzkt-.


    via Kranky


    1. That World
    2. Is But A Simulated Blur
    3. Step Away From Konoyo
    4. Into The Void
    5. Not Alone
    6. You Never Were

  2. yung_ting


  3. amorningofsleep

    I came. I saw. I -kzzkt-.

    "Anoyo, which translates to "the world over there," draws from the same sessions that led to Hecker's last Konoyo, which landed in our 2018 best albums list. As on that LP, Anoyo explores the interplay between Hecker's soundscapes and a traditional Japanese gagaku ensemble. Kranky describes the companion full-length as "starker, solemn and stripped back, with more of a naturalist tint." "
  4. Fronnyfron

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    Here for it
  5. username

    hey you lil piss baby

  6. Fronnyfron

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  7. amorningofsleep

    I came. I saw. I -kzzkt-.

  8. amorningofsleep

    I came. I saw. I -kzzkt-.

  9. 0rb

    deep in the forest

    It's so lovely.
  10. sophos34

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    forgot this came out but hes been in my rotation a lot lately since decade end lists and all that and ravedeath is my run away number one. so i revisited this for the first time since it dropped and its legitimately moving me to tears