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Discussion in 'Technology Forum' started by copey, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. copey


    Anyone here use Tidal as their main streaming provider?

    Recently checked it out for the first time in years (due to free trial to check out the Plex integration).

    As someone who really dislikes how Spotify has been going and has been mostly satisfied with AppleMusic, I was pleasantly surprised by how nice Tidal is right now.

    Curious if others use the service at all & didn't see any existing threads
  2. SincerelyEmma

    Newbie Supporter

    Is there a way to upload songs that aren't on Tidal into your library yet? I did a trial once and really liked it but that was the one feature that made me stick with Apple Music. I have too many albums that aren't on streaming I'd want to be able to listen to on my phone. I've gone back and forth between Apple and Spotify a couple times since Rdio died but I don't love either of them.
  3. copey


    Not that I've seen.

    Same here between AM & Spotify. After a few months on a service I inevitably get fed up with whatever shortcomings and jump ship again. Rinse, repeat.

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