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Thursday Band • Page 145

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Sophos, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. littlejohn

    Prestigious Supporter

    yeah, I was kinda hoping for a different song on the 2nd night too but jet black is always great.

    was hoping for At this velocity, but I knew they weren't going to play it.

    I missed Vein both nights due to waiting for babysitter for kids so I didn't get to see them. I think I had more fun at the full collapse show but both nights were great.
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  2. riotspray


    I had more fun night one, but that's because I went to the front. Second night I kinda laid back and took it easy. Sucks you missed Vein. If you're into heavy music, definitely check them out if you get a chance. They'll be back on tour with Killswitch Engage, Parkway Drive and After the Burial in the Spring.
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  3. littlejohn

    Prestigious Supporter

    I was in a good spot for FC right at the beginning. for war I was in a boring spot for the first half of it which kinda took me out of it. still good though.
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  4. Joe4th

    Memories are nice, but that's all they are. Supporter

    Does anyone have merch pictures from the shows?
  5. CstSnow

    Regular Prestigious

    I don't have any pictures, but they have a couple cool coffee mugs that are now my morning go-to's.
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  6. shea

    1.21 Supporter

    WATT tonight. Can’t believe I’m a few hours from finally hearing Steps Ascending and Asleep in the Chapel live.
  7. ramomcferno

    Mystery is the secret ingredient Prestigious

    That is the best feeling. For years I wanted to hear Steps Ascending live and once I did, it was amazing.

    That being said, now that they have done a tour for Full Collapse and WATT, I would love to hear a best of the rest or fan request set before they end things.
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  8. shea

    1.21 Supporter

    It’s early yet, but I’m not sure there are even 150 people here. And this is my first show in hell at the new masquerade and it’s fucking tiny. I’m excited regardless..lol
  9. Petit nain des Îles Feb 27, 2019
    (Last edited: Feb 27, 2019)
    Petit nain des Îles

    Golden Hour Supporter

    Geoff's new Kerrang interview can be read here: PressReader.com - Connecting People Through News

    I wonder how long ago that was, because he mentions being ready to work with No Devotion again, while Lee's recent tweet about the band makes it seem like new music could be out in the first half of the year.

    Also thought this was cute, didn't know Kitty was touring with Thursday at the moment

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  10. shea

    1.21 Supporter

    I’ve just this second discovered she is married to Sam Ray and American Pleasure Club used to be Teen Suicide.
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  11. amorningofsleep

    Orienteering with Napalm Death

    Was talking to a coworker about how I'm seeing them tonight and he had no idea who they were. Dude, you've got stretched ears and a Wonder Years shirt, you've seriously never heard of them?

    I feel old today.
  12. jciswhatis


    I caught the WATT show in Phoenix and loved it. Couldn't decide which show to go too but I gathered I had seen all of Full COllapse over the handful of times I had seen them live before so figured I'd check the rest of WATT off the list. So happy because a few of those songs are so great.

    And that coffee mug with "I Will Never Sleep Again" on it is the best merch/lyric cross over thing ever... (along with the pup/flask)
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  13. I didn't even look at the merch when I went, that's amazing
  14. I’m doing both and I’m pumped for tonight but yeah I’m way more juiced up to see some of the best WATT songs live for the first time tomorrow
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  15. What a god damn delectable delight seeing Marches and Maneuvers live was
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  16. Bryan Diem


    Concealer is an underrated banger
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  17. sophos34

    Prestigious Prestigious

    What time did they hit the stage in Philly last night? Trying to see if I can make it in time after work tonight
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  18. Bryan Diem


    10:15. Good luck!
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  19. sophos34

    Prestigious Prestigious

    Oh I should be fine I’ll probably be off at 9 at the latest and it’s about a 30-40 minute drive
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  20. Ken

    Entrusted Supporter

    What a fucking show
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  21. sophos34

    Prestigious Prestigious

    yeah that was pretty tight
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  22. teebs41

    Prestigious Supporter

    Great energy tonight, loved seeing them celebrate Geoff’s 40th!
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  23. shea

    1.21 Supporter

    Pretty jealous of the northeast shows getting Andrew and Tim, ngl
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  24. teebs41

    Prestigious Supporter

    so is the band def stepping away after these shows? I havn't been keeping up much. I'm listening to a city by the light divided and its a perfect album
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  25. Ken

    Entrusted Supporter

    Most likely, yes. They said they won’t tour more unless they start making new music, which is doubtful at best. They’ve implied the last set of dates is the last set before, but I think this is really it. That was about the happiest and most enthusiastic I’ve seen Geoff and the band in a long time, so I really want to be hopeful, but it's hard to be. We should be getting a new No Devotion album sometime this year though which I’m really excited about.
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