Thursday Opening for My Chemical Romance

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    Thursday will be opening for My Chemical Romance’s comeback show.

    They say “Man makes plans, God laughs.” When Thursday booked our 20th Anniversary tour last year, we knew that it would likely be our last chance to go out on the road together before life took us our separate ways once again. So we made the most of it, played two shows in every city, and tried to make sure we saw all of our friends at least once more. But one thing that we never could have planned for was the reunion of our closest friends, My Chemical Romance. It was a sincere but welcomed shock when they told us their plans and asked if we wouldn’t join them. Well, we never thought we’d get a chance to say this, ever again, but here it goes:

    We are honored to announce we will be supporting @mychemicalromance , at the Shrine Auditorium, in Los Angeles, California, on December 20, 2019.

    See you there.

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  2. SuNDaYSTaR


    Amazing and well deserved.
  3. joey-wan kenobi

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    Man... that’d be a helluva nostalgia show.
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  5. Brent

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    Could've sworn this was announced last week.
  6. Spenny


    Makes me even more upset I can't be there.
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  7. popdisaster00

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    Didn't Geoff produce their first album?
  8. heymattrick

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    It was announced on Friday
  9. ohitsjustrob

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    Happy that MCR are back and stoke for Thursday to open for them, but it’s kinda fucked that both bands are from New Jersey and they aren’t playing a show there.
  10. Ska Senanake


    In case you didn't know, Geoff produced MCR's first record.
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