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Thursday Announce New Tour Dates

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 8, 2017.

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    Thursday have announced some new tour dates and a note about the band. You can read the full statement below.

    Announcement and note:

    — thursdayband (@thursdayband) August 8, 2017

    Today we're announcing our last shows for the year. Over the years we've used these shows to try out more ambitious set lists and to bring together diverse lineups and spotlight young bands. Glassjaw, Converge, Screaming Females, Circa Survive, Poison the Well, the Blood Brothers, Hotelier, the Gaslight Anthem,m ewithoutyou, the Blood Brothers, Lifetime and the Dillinger Escape Plan have all been part of these shows. This year we tried to reflect that mix of nostalgia and discovery by including our old friend Frank lero (who I've known since I drafted him into joining My Chemical Romance, while we were recording their record) and our new friends, PUP (who blew us away when we played together at Northside Festival). Speaking of nostalgia, we've been discussing what to do about this Thursday reunion. This coming year, we are going to take the showo utside of North America and play all the countries that embraced us so throroughly "back in the day." You can probably guess a few of them. ;-)

    The problem with nostalgia, and memory in general, is that it's a destructive process. Much like recording over the same cassette, again and again, the quality degrades with each pass. Put in a modern way, our memory is like a hard drive: the more you try to fit on it, the further it compresses, lowering the quality of the new memory and the original experience, too.Rather than endlessly overwriting the original experiences that we shared with so many of you, we've been discussing how and when to wrap up this trip down memory lane. In the next year, we'll be announcing our international tours as well as a final group of dates in the US, that will be totally unlike anything we've ever attempted to do. Beyond that, we will only return in the event of new music. And new music will only come if we feel it's truly inspired and adds a new dimension to the band. In our humble opinions, there are only a few bands that have put out records worth coming back for. Bands like Portishead and MBV. We have loved every minute of these shows.We look forward to the next year and everything it brings.


  2. KyleK

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    The recent tour was an amazing trip down memory lane, and maybe their best performance I've managed to witness. So thanks to them for creating those memories for me. I definitely respect this approach, and hope they do end up making new music, but if they don't, and this is it for a while, I've appreciated this brief second life they've had - and glad it's helped Geoff and his health too.
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  3. Former Planets


    Ugh I should probably make sure to see them next year.
  4. AgainstMe182


    Anyone have idea what those countries might be? I'm moving overseas soon...
  5. Yellowcard2006


    Yes I agree stop touring on the same songs. Write new ones! I know you can do it guys!

    Or at least another No Devotion album.