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Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by amorningofsleep, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. sam_might_say

    Hi, Friend

    I can’t find the ticket link to the Anaheim shows anywhere?! Anyone else having this issue?
  2. cricketandclover

    Things have changed.

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  3. sam_might_say

    Hi, Friend

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  4. johnnyferris

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    Just got a FC ticket for leg 1 in Anaheim. Excited to see Vein again and to finally catch the album show. Seems like it didn't sell as fast as the previous album shows they've done in the last year and a half or so.
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  5. Brent

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    Seriously I'd get life insurance policy for the Chain shows. Those are going to be insane.
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  6. Fucking Dustin

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    Going to the War All The Time show at Trees. Gonna be fun as hell especially once I figure out who Vein is.
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  7. Mason


    Vein is so damn good. I wish my leg of the tour got them.

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  8. Brent

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    $43 for one ticket is ridiculous but I did it. Twice. For one show. So I’m hoping to sell the second for $100 which people are aldeady willing to shell out as the Boston show for FC already sold out.
  9. riotspray


    Fuck it. Just pulled the trigger and got tickets for both shows.

    Seeing Vein 5 times in less than year will be worth it alone. Plus these are easily my 2 favorite Thursday albums so...
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  10. Jonny Sniper


    Im considering the WATT show for DC. I've gotten my fill on Full Collapse.
  11. oldboot


    Got tickets to WATT. Already seen them do FC so I figured I could pass on that one, but damn WATT will be some feels
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  12. sam_might_say

    Hi, Friend

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  13. TMS2787 Dec 19, 2018
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    I may have missed this but what does “grand finale tour” mean? Are they breaking-up… again?
  14. sam_might_say

    Hi, Friend

    I remember them saying a while ago that they were gonna go on hiatus again after all their reunion touring and they had no plans on making a new album or anything. They also didn’t rule out the possibility of playing shows again in the future or possible making music in the future.

    I don’t remember where I read it, but I definitely remember that was specifically said
  15. ncarrab


    This original announcement of Leg 2 of this tour came with this statement:

    At the conclusion of this tour, we intend to put an end to ‘the reunion.’ When we stopped playing last time, it wasn’t on the best of terms. This time, we get to put down touring on the very highest of notes: in each other’s lives and able to pick up and play together behind closed doors whenever we want. If we are ever able to do Thursday again, it will be a new, separate chapter. Thank you all for your time, attention and friendship.
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  16. TMS2787


    Yeah, you are right. I went back and looked at past posts on Instagram and it said just that. I’m not sure how I missed that on the original announcement but I did. Thanks for the information. I guess I will be hitting Columbus now as well.
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  17. Ken

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    I have two tickets for the first Brooklyn show that I can no longer use. 12/27 Full Collapse.
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  18. falafelmywaffle

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    Have an extra ticket for WATT on 12/30
  19. Mibabalou

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    Im going to all four shows and they've been throwing out these cool flyers before the show.

    Ill post one if people want to look.
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  20. EASheartsVinyl


    Last night was so much more fun than night one. Definitely going to hang in a different spot tonight so no one jumps on my head again.
  21. TrailerParkJesus


    Yes please!
  22. Emokid79


    i'll be there.
  23. CstSnow Jan 13, 2019
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    I wasn't planning on going to this , but the fact that the Chain Reaction shows COULD be their final shows ever on the west coast sunk in, so just picked up a couple for night two and am super excited.
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  24. dubey


    Anyone who has gone... could you post your doors time and when Thursday ended their 2nd night set?

    Trying to plan my escape from Detroit
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  25. EASheartsVinyl


    At the Brooklyn shows doors were at 8 and Thursday was on from about 10:15 to 11:30.
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