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  1. Chase Tremaine

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    For me, "Yellow" would be in my bottom 3 for the album, "Anthology" maybe bottom 5. It bums me out that those are the only two songs from the album that they've been playing live anymore.
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    Blur is a great song
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    I refuse to buy into this tired narrative.

    One of my bands played there, too.
  5. Greg

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    So, if I was someone looking for all of Thrice’s b-sides... could anyone help me with that?
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    It’s funny, something I’ve been thinking on lately and wondered if anyone else noticed this. It seemed (to me at least) back during the earlier years (IoS, AITA, Vhessiu era) people looked down or snickered about Dustin’s faith/religion/religious writing in his lyrics even though they were fans of the band. Also, many believed the band to be a Christian band, which wasn’t the case. Almost the same way people viewed underoath for years. Just from remembering reading people’s comments/the old thrice message boards. Granted I was much younger back then, growing up in a evangelical conservative home. Now that Dustin has really grown in his views/faith etc, it almost seems that the fan base has flipped and can’t believe how he’s changed his views and thoughts and that he doesn’t follow the Bible anymore and are more opposite of that. I see myself like Dustin, growing and learning more and more everyday. Maybe just me? Not sure haha.
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    try the b-sides thread. lots of people there have all kinds of hidden gems.

    The Latest Greatest B-Sides Thread
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    I’ll like any post in this thread that’s worse than my fortune teller story.
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    “Academy that they had come up with the name Thrice out of desperation and an inside joke; when a friend had told Dustin that he had beaten the Game Boy video game Frogger twice, Dustin replied he had actually beaten it “thrice.”
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    Have you listened to Palms in alphabetical order yet?
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    What about geographical?
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    Damn, I really want that hat and blanket lol
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    I always wanted the issue of Vheissu that had that weird sea beast on it.
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  18. airik625 Jan 10, 2019
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    No clue. Hoping tracks like Flags Of Dawn, Weight of Glory, etc. as for TAITA - no clue.

    EDIT: it looks like Red Sky EP is getting pressed also (smoke) - supposedly limited.

    Thrice - Red Sky EP (smoke colored vinyl)
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    That’s the one i’ve got. When I started looking for a copy and saw that one I thought “yup, I’m getting this one” haha.
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    I think Major / Minor is my fave Thrice record. Every other record of theirs from Artist onwards I find hard to split. Great band!
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    Beggars is their best but you can surely choose another as your favorite!
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    This is why I had to own two copies of Vheissu.
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    Weirdly enough, Red Sky EP was the release that got me into Thrice. I had heard stuff previous but it never clicked, but I "found" that EP and fell in love with it.
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  25. Bryan Diem


    The embossed sea monster Vheissu pressing is so sick, I have the gold. Really hoping a Beggars pressing comes out soon
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