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Thrice Working on New Album

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Feb 19, 2018.

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    Thrice are currently deep in the “writing/recording process.” So at least we have that to look forward to this year.

    Twitter break. Deep in writing/recording process. See you in a bit. [​IMG]

    — DUSTIN KENSRUE (@dustinkensrue) February 17, 2018

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  2. Nap


    But maybe it's for a solo album?
  3. Supernova

    Prayers/Triangles Prestigious

    It’s a Thrice album they have said it. Check Riley’s instagram.
  4. TBEITBN was killer. Can't wait to hear what's next.
  5. It's definitely Thrice -- Instagram posts galore, along with ones from Riley and Eddie that suggest recording for drums has already finished.

    My guess is Dustin said "writing/recording" because he habitually waits until the bitter end to write the lyrics for the songs. I think he's even allowed Teppei to record all the guitar parts for some albums to give him more lyric-writing time, haha.

    Plus, Thrice promised a 2018 album all throughout 2017. Early ideas were for a concept album, but that could change.
  6. Connor

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    Give me all the Thrice
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  7. carlosonthedrums

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    Met these guys a few weeks ago at NAMM and I completely failed by not asking them about the new record. I was too busy staring at Ed's glorious mane.
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  8. Tim

    whatever happened to the man of tomorrow Prestigious

    Their comeback album was cool, but I somehow never listened to it as much as it deserved. For at one point being my favorite band, Thrice as a whole hasn't entered my listening habits that much in recent years.

    I think this year will change that, though. I feel very ready for new Thrice in my life.
  9. mattylikesfilms


    Very nice
  10. josh-

    Twitter: @joshcaraballin

    I bet it’ll be better than the last one. Thrice has another masterpiece in them.
  11. sophos34

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    TBEITBN is a masterpiece
  12. top three for them, easy
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  13. Dog with a Blog


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  14. kylethrash


    Really loved their last effort.
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  15. It's bottom three for me, actually :/
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  16. Amen
  17. Bartek T.

    D'oh! Prestigious

    I definitely loved TBEITBN! Here's to hoping the new one comes out this year!
  18. Connor

    we're all a bunch of weirdos on a quest to belong Prestigious

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  19. Top 3 would either be Major/Minor, Illusion of Safety, and Vheissu....or Major/Minor, Illusion of Safety, and Beggars. Probably the first batch, but generally I consider all four of those albums to be masterpieces.
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  20. Guilherme Brandao


    They've been posting some pics on Instagram in the last few weeks.
    The studio they're in looks incredible.

    TBEITBN was an excelent comeback album.
    Hope to see them gaining momentum and releasing something truly mindblowing.
  21. Connor

    we're all a bunch of weirdos on a quest to belong Prestigious

    Interesting! I'd say Major/Minor is the only Thrice record I don't care for a whole lot. They are easily one of my favorite bands though. For me I'd go with Vhiessu, Artist and TBEITBN
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  22. I hear that opinion a lot. Interestingly, I think the dividing factor for a lot of people with M/m is the lyrics. People who love the lyrics tend to love the album, and in my experience (not to say anything about your religious positions or to assume anything) but most of the people I know who love M/m are Christians (myself included). I've come to be more surprised when a Christian doesn't care for M/m, than when a typical Thrice fan doesn't care for it, hahaha.

    I have minority views on TBEITBN, Artist, and Alchemy, because I see those as Thrice's most formulaic albums. Sure, there are aspects of formulaic songwriting on all of their albums, (debatably on any album), but those three records (more so Alchemy I-II than Alchemy III-IV) are the only Thrice releases where the formulas that I hear are actually distracting. Now, I've had periods of my life when I loved all of those albums (I was a big proponent of TBEITBN for the first few months of its release), but TBEITBN has aged worse than any Thrice record for me.

    Again, there might be a lyrical/spiritual aspect working there as well. TBEITBN has a darkness to it that's troubling for me to listen to. I still really love a bunch of tracks from the album, though, especially "The Window," "Long Defeat," and "Salt & Shadow."
  23. Bartek T.

    D'oh! Prestigious

    I have strong feelings about M/M, at first it was some sort of a letdown, but it was merely for a moment - I connect a lot of memories with that album, personally just love it! and never thought the Christian themes were too much as well.
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  24. Guilherme Brandao


    I get what you're saying about TBEITBN.

    After the initial excitement from Thrice being back, the album indeed aged kind of poorly. It's definitely their most straightforward and simple album. But, for me, that don't subtract from my enjoyment of that record.

    I'm not religious, and when it was released, Major/Minor kind of bothered me by the lyrics being too 'worship-y'; but after a while I started coming back to it and musically it's really strong. I really love Beggars and its rawness, and I always see M/M as the polished brother to that album. 'Anthology" is incredible, as is 'Yellow Belly' and many other tracks.

    Major/Minor also sounded a lot like a Goddbye Album. If Thrice never came back from the hiatus, they would've gone out with a fitting goodbye IMO.

    Also about what you said of Alchemy. I never thought of it that way. Definitely III-IV are more inspired, but I see that I-II were more about texturing the sound to feel like the element, which they did incredibly, than about creative songwriting structures. I don't know about you, but everytime I listen to any of the Alchemy EP's I paint vivid scenes in my head related to the elements and the setting that the songs evoke.
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