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Thrice Tease on Ten Year Anniversary of ‘The Alchemy Index’

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 17, 2017.

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  2. Hugo G.

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    Tell me, are you free?

    Waiting for these was peak fandom for me.And when Firebreather and then Digital Sea came out, I played the two songs infinity times before the CDs were available.
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  3. Yeah I still remember October 16, 2007 vividly. A friend dropped me off at the local Best Buy to buy a copy. I bought two, one of which remains unopened to this day. I then walked home, about 3 miles, while reading all the lyrics and liner notes. Then when I got home, I put those CDs on endless repeat, sometimes switching out between the two CDs, sometimes listening to the same CD. Pure obsession.
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  4. I saw some people online with fingers crossed that the special announcement was going to be that the next album would be Vol 5 & 6: Darkness & Light. I know they've said that they want to go concept-album for the next cycle, but I think this guess is just hilarious.
  5. Muzick


    Oooooohhhh hell ya. One of my favorite “albums” of all time.
  6. Sean Murphy

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    wonder if they will play any of these in full on the upcoming tour. i would be super into that.
  7. macbethfan

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    I would be really thrilled if they announced a repressing of the whole thing. (Volumes 1-4) I love this album and have just started my vinyl collection. Sadly, the set goes for $440+ on Discogs, and that's insane. I get it. It was a cool set with unique packaging, but I'd be happy with just a standard 12" black pressing. Fingers crossed!
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  8. natefoundglory

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    A tour doesn't seem practical at this point, but damnit I still want one.
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  9. Sean Murphy

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    well they are touring this fall with Circa Survive. Would be cool to see them acknowledge the alchemy index in their setlists more if this is the 10 year anniv.

    Doesnt necessarily have to be a tour devoted to it, but since theyre only 6 songs a piece, it doesnt seem unrealistic to maybe get one of them per night.


    Repress please!
  11. Bryan Diem


    a 3/4 masterpiece, would love a tour of this or something.
  12. Ryan

    Might be Spider-Man...

    Loved the Alchemy Index. Digital Sea and Firebreather are two of the best songs they've ever done.
  13. 3/4?
  14. Bryan Diem


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  15. KyleK

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    I always felt odd that the song I enjoyed most from it was a cover.
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  16. Bryan Diem


    I really like Come all you weary, and the rest of the songs, but nothing stands out as genius on it like the other 3 indexes
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  17. Interesting, I think Air is the only fumble, whereas I think Earth is the best of the four EPs
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  18. Bryan Diem


    That's a hot take haha. The other three are like 5/6 perfect songs and then one that isn't quite as good, imo .
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  19. KyleK

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    I've always liked Come All You Weary as an individual song, but at least at the time I didn't find it complemented the EP especially well. I've enjoyed it in live sets since though.
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  20. hahah. I don't think I'm thaaaat unique in this opinion. If I remember correctly, I believe the critic who reviewed 3 & 4 for Alternative Press stated that Air was the weakest of the EPs and Earth the strongest.

    My major reason for thinking this way is that...I find Fire and Water to be extremely formulaic overall, with the Water songs being too similar and the Fire songs being too similar. By my judgment, Earth breaks the mold the most, and the songs on Earth have more differences sonically and structurally within its own 6 than is true of any of the other EPs. Air, meanwhile, is super iffy for me. I have mixed feelings on "Daedalus," even though it's a fan favorite. Basically, I have middling thoughts on the middle 4 songs of Air. "Broken Lungs," however, is one of my favorites from the whole collection, as is "Silver Wings," which I think is the best of all the sonnets.
  21. Bryan Diem


    Be honest, some of those AP reviews are suuuuuuuper wacky, haha.

    But I think this is fair. Sky is Falling is a weird one for me, I can't tell what it's doing but it's a good song anyway. I gotta listen to these things again.
  22. hahah. as a whole, I think AP can be pretty whack, yes. However, in terms of Thrice albums, I often see eye to eye with them. 4.5 stars for Beggars? 5 stars for Major/Minor? Heaven yes, amen and amen!

    I'm glad we at least agree about "The Sky is Falling," haha. I don't dislike it, but it's just so odd. If I remember correctly, they threw it into their set when I saw them most recently for their TBEITBN tours. I was confused. "Why this one?!?!" I was also really bummed that they only played one song from Major/Minor at that show, and the one song I'd happily never hear live ever again ("Yellow Belly"), but I'm fully aware that THIS is a hot take and that I'm all alone with that opinion.
  23. Bryan Diem


    Switch those scores on Beggars and M/M and it'd be more right haha. I don't think I'd want any M/M songs live other than Disarmed or Anthology. Or maybe it'd be cool to see the whole shebang live.
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  24. Do you remember when Thrice released the MMXV shirts? My brain isn't quick to think in Roman numerals, so I didn't realize immediately that MMXV = 2015. It was merch to commemorate the band's reuniting. However, I had a conspiracy theory that Thrice was going to do a tour of playing Major/minor and Vheissu all the way through AKA MM (Major/Minor) and XV (10 Vheissu, since 2015 was the tenth anniversary of that album).

    A man can dream.

    I'd really love to see more M/m songs live though. One of my favorite moments in concert history was seeing them play "Treading Paper" live. But I've only seen "Disarmed" played acoustic, not full band, and I've never seen "Blinded" or "Cataracts," which are two other favorites of mine.
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  25. Bryan Diem


    I think all the M/m songs are great on paper but can bore me a little bit at times, like I recognize they're great, just a chore to listen to sometimes. I'd love to see Beggars live, and Vheissu would be cool too obviously since those are the best two
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