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  1. bennjeff


    I really enjoy this new album. I've like all of their records even if some stuck with me more than others. One of my favorite parts of this record is the political nature of it.
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  2. SweetThye


    I consider it "Flags of Dawn Pt. 2"

    Love it.
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  3. Eric Wilson

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    Just finished the album. So good. Enjoyed every song on it.
  4. SweetThye


    Yeah I feel like it's the soulful classic rock song Dustin always wanted to write.
  5. Sander


    to each their own i guess. The kick sounds horrible to me.
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  6. Thursdaysox

    We know it from the silence

    Agree SO hard. I know he plays C&C too, he has no excuses. Sounds like his toms have no resonant heads with at least one lug completely loose, and the snare is wayyy too dry for me. The album sounds good, but man the drums bother me.
  7. Guys Named Todd

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    I personally found the album uninteresting. Then again, I've really only enjoyed a handful of Thrice songs.
  8. Micah511

    A higher lonely power sits at our side

    talk about coming out of the gates swinging, my goodness Hurricane. That, Wake Up, The Long Defeat, and Stay With Me are my favorites so far.
  9. kyleadams

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    He plays Q drums on this record.
  10. joey-wan kenobi

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    At times Dustin sounds like Bono. It's puzzling to me, but I love it.
  11. carlosonthedrums

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    Riley tweeted out a detailed list of everything he used on this record last night, and it's actually a combination of both companies. He used the Q Gentleman's Series snare pretty much throughout the entire thing, but he was swapping kits during the rest.

    For what it's worth, I really dig the approach they went with on the drum sounds, but it doesn't have the same attack that other recordings with Q drums have had so far (I'm mostly referring to albums with Ilan Rubin and Chris Hornbrook since they've been the most prominent players to use them in the studio so far).
  12. coleslawed

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    if you've got the patience to listen to another album before diving into this, O'Brothers newest transitions really nicely into Hurricane, caught me off guard when Dustin started singing cause I didn't even realize a new album had started.
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  13. Pretty much every song flows perfectly into the next, beyond simply the sequencing and mastering. This is a really well thought-out tracklist.
  14. I haven't loved a Thrice album straight off the bat before, has always taken me a few listens for it to sink in. But this one, this one is really something special.
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  15. I listened to Endless Light today an hour or two before listening to TBEITBN for the first time. The similarities definitely abound, which is something I predicted back when I heard Endless for the first time. Both stellar albums.
  16. Ska Senanake


    Couldn't disagree more. I think the production ia the best thrice has had since vheissu
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  17. Ska Senanake


    2 questions just based on your name:

    Are you a red sox fan? I hope so! And what did u think of the drums on thursday's common existence. I hated them!!!
  18. Bryan Diem


    Do you think the drums on Common existence and this sound similar? I like the sound on both, but I don't hear that...
  19. Agreed.
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  20. Micah511

    A higher lonely power sits at our side

    Salt and Shadow reminds me of Bon Iver. Anyone else?
  21. estebanwaseaten


  22. estebanwaseaten


    also reminds me a lot of the songs from the water disc
  23. Thursdaysox

    We know it from the silence

    Sure am a Sox fan! Just caught a Sea Dogs game while up in Portland, ME for the weekend in fact.. Anyway, the drums on Common Existence weren't great, but that's not the only cd they've had drum recording issues (see the cymbal sounds on City by the Light). I don't think they sound that similar to this Thrice disc to me, they're different issues. Also, I wrote my comment after only listening to the first four tracks, turns out he played different kits throughout the album and the other ones sound SO much better. I understand he was probably going for a unique / different sound by using those Q kits, they just don't sound on-par to me. But I give him props for taking a risk I guess.
  24. lolfpcmlol


    This album is awesome. I don't know if someone was playing it i'd identify it as thrice but i dig it a lot.
  25. jorbjorb

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    very nice sounding album