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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by teebs41, Jul 9, 2018.

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  2. waking season

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    What am I looking at here
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  3. Transient_Hymn

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    Reading this makes me feel like I’m crazy.
    Did Jason catch the fake profile and there is still denial?

    Oh my goodness this is great.
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  4. smoke4thecaper

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    Mike is a coward.
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  5. .K.

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    Putting the focus on Thrice for a moment...Deeper Wells digital tomorrow?
  6. InExile


    You don’t like Thrice?! What a nerd! :speakno:
  7. Burned


    Deeper Wells is up on digital services for those who haven’t heard it yet.

    Also, Mike J still has never gone a date, nor a double date, with Rivers Cuomo. Nor has “Tina.”
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  8. dlemert


    Listening to Deeper Wells for the first time. Holy shit, this is so good. Currently on In This Storm and it rules so hard. Pound for pound I might like this better for Palms.
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  9. Transient_Hymn

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    Back half of the EP really works for me.
    Def gonna wear them out
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  10. Cameron

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    Wtf why is this already so good, and sound so much “fuller” than Palms!?
  11. Cameron

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    A Better Bridge is niiiice
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  12. Micool1

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    I don't remember who did that tracklist here, but I really like it:
    Only Us
    The Dark
    Deeper Wells
    Hold Up a Light
    The Grey
    Everything Belongs
    Just Breath
    Stumbling West
    My Soul
    A Better Bridge
    A Branch in the River
    Blood on Blood
    In This Storm
    Beyond the Pines

    The Deeper Wells tracks definitely add something to the Palms album.
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  13. chhholly123

    i had a bad feeling

    That was me! I've been jamming this all day!
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  14. .K.

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    Stumbling West and Into the storm are my favourite two on Deeper Wells, but I do love/like all the Palms/Deeper Wells songs.
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  15. Micool1

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    Same! The digital versions sounds much better than the vinyl rip.
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  16. Zip It Chris

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    Papa Bear? More like Papa Llama cause if you mess with my kids i'll kick the shit outta you. (saw this on a shirt and loved it)
  17. teebs41

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    I can’t get over how much I love this ep
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  18. KidLightning

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    Stop trying to make this thread happen, Teebs!
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  19. teebs41

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    Just enjoying the music bud
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  20. kupe


    I never ever mess with tracklists, but I've added the Deeper Wells songs into Palms and it just WORKS
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  21. teebs41

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    Yea I just shuffle the two together and it adds a lot more variety to the Palms songs.
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  22. .K.

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    I wonder how they chose which 10 songs to put on the record.

    -I’d guess Hold Up a Light is intended as Palms Black Honey (Radio friendly rock)
    -The Grey as a typical Thrice first single
    -The Dark because the fan contribution
    -Branch for fans of heavier Thrice (could have gone Deeper Wells instead too)
    -Beyond the Pines because of its superiority
    -Album required a Breathe or Everything Belongs for Thrice fans who love that side of Thrice

    Epitaph still really won Record Store Day for me.
  23. Anthony Brooks

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    The 4 deeper wells tracks >> hold up a light, the dark, everything belongs, my soul. Not that I’m gonna make a new playlist or track listing or anything, i just really love this EP
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  24. Cameron

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    My Soul slaps
  25. socklord

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    Everything Belongs and My Soul are two of the best songs on the album