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  1. Davjs


    I think the safe bet would be something like that if there really was a 20 track greatest hits haha, and it's still a great set but missing so much good stuff :-)

    1.Phoenix Ignition
    2. Deadbolts
    3. All That's Left
    4. Stare at the Sun
    5. Artist in the Ambulance
    6. Image of the Invisible
    7. Red Sky
    8. The Earth Will Shake
    9. Firebreather
    10.Digital Sea
    12.Come All You Weary
    13.In Exile
    14.Yellow Belly
    16.Black Honey
    18.The Grey
    19.Only Us
    20.Beyond the Pines

    I'll make up a personal one for me later.
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  2. Colin Your Enthusiasm

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    Stop what? This thread has always been hot garbage. If anything this is fitting.
  3. CoffeeEyes17

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    The captain goes down with the ship right
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  4. Micool1

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    I can't be down with that if it's missing The Weight.
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  5. Transient_Hymn

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    I hate doing this because mike has said some seriously silly shit.

    But that song being a single (and being the worst on the record by a wide margin - like wake up before it) and almost not making the cut (admittedly by the band) is strange.

    If anyone thinks hold up a light, holds up a candle to the rest of the Discog, you are kidding yourself. Even if you like the song (I don’t) it’s basic AF.

    Mikes point was not wrong.
    His communication of the point in a thread that already takes his points with a pound of salt, was also not great.

    But in some way, he isn’t wrong.
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  6. DesolateEarth Jan 12, 2019
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    That sure was 3 pages of "wat" that I just read.
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  7. Petit nain des Îles

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    Hold Up A Light is fine, the hyperbole is so strong it's almost like a meme at this point
  8. teebs41

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    fuck it I love this album, blasting now and having a great time!
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  9. Mike J

    I mean no harm.

    I get that my method of delivery is abrasive at times, but hasn't it been well-established that I devour any/all available information about Thrice? I share interviews all the time on here. Plus, we're in the same church network. So, I learn things from mutual friends which I pass along here such as the date of the second pre-release.
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  10. Connor

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    I just don’t know why you got so angry at me. I don’t think it was crazy of me to think Thrice might have some say.
  11. teebs41

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    We blocked dude
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  12. Connor

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    Haha i know I’m just trying to verify that he does have us blocked. It’s funny cause i think by and large we were pretty nice to him
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  13. DesolateEarth


    If he wants to block what few people havent blocked him yet, then so be it. Dude is basically shouting into a void at this point.
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  14. Mike J

    I mean no harm.

    I don't block people. I'm no coward. If I don't like someone's post, I move on with my life and (usually) don't make a federal production out of it.
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  15. DrownTheWorkforce


    If you hate Hold Up a Light, you’re good in my book and that’s all I have to say.
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  16. Davjs


    "Hating" any Thrice is weird.
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  17. kupe


    This is my favorite thread.

    I still bang this record about once a week. Didn't blow my mind like I was hoping for but still damn good!
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  18. theagentcoma

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    this thread fucking sucks
  19. theagentcoma

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    what's the time signature on Pines?
  20. kupe


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  21. :shake:
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  22. Hm.

    I love the song.
  23. teebs41

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    Then I am sorry mike and hope we can be thrice buddies again
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  24. This thread is depressing and unreadable ... and one user has made it that way. Yeesh.
  25. teebs41

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    I def see myself returning to this more after a great play today.