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Thrice Announce New Album

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 20, 2021.

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    Thrice will release their new album Horizons / East on September 17th. Today they’ve debuted the new song “Scavengers” and pre-orders are now up. You’ll find the track listing, press release, and more below.

    Track Listing

    1. The Color of the Sky
    2. Scavengers
    3. Buried in the Sun
    4. Northern Lights
    5. Summer Set Fire to the Rain
    6. Still Life
    7. The Dreamer
    8. Robot Soft Exorcism
    9. Dandelion Wine
    10. Unitive / East

    Album Artwork

    Press Release

    Orange County, CA – Returning with their 11th studio album, the dynamic and explorative California-based rock band Thrice announce Horizons/East, out September 17 via Epitaph Records on streaming platforms. The album exemplifies art as a work of recognition — the human task of perceiving oneself amid details, disasters, and blessings as a relentlessly relational phenomenon among others. In this, Horizons/East is the rare rock album on which interrelatedness is a theme, painting an adventurous and lush landscape mixed by Scott Evans that the band self-produced and recorded at their own New Grass Studio.
    The powerful new single, “Scavengers” is out today here. Over a dark and intricate braiding of guitar and drum grooves, the lyrics challenge us to discern the issues and information that bonds us versus what disintegrates and destroys.  For vocalist Dustin Kensrue, the song is – but also kind of isn’t – a thing of the past. Whether lost in a media diet that is essentially a disinformation pipeline or, relatedly, trapped in fear of a future of eternal conscious pain, Kensrue speaks of “toxic worldviews I once inhabited,” and in truth, “a lot of people that I love are still in that place.”
    To emerge from a global pandemic with a renewed sense of situational awareness, hard won insight, and a new album is the kind of move we’ve come to expect from Thrice over the last twenty years. With Horizons/East, Kensrue and his bandmates address, with candor and courage, the fragile and awkward arrangements that pass for civilization, while inviting us to dwell more knowingly within our own lives. Without surrendering any of the energy and hard edge of their previous albums, they’ve given us a profoundly meditative work, which serves as a musical summons to everyday attentiveness.
    Some of the writing even began with open-ended challenges that the band laid on themselves like building a song using the quartal chords they found in much of the jazz they loved, or taking the Fibonacci sequence and turning it into a guitar riff.
    Thrice seems ever eager to step out into these spaces unknown to them, unsure of where their feet will land, and this new record is no exception. Horizons/East is a soundtrack for deeper dreaming.

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  2. artbynickferran

    Not the greatest Thrice song I've ever heard, but I like it enough. They have been so incredibly consistent for so long that I pre-ordered without hesitation. Love the visuals for the album cycle as well.
  3. bmir14

    Regular Supporter

    Song sounds safe, which is basically my biggest Thrice complaint post-hiatus. But i do like the energy at the end and i'm very pumped about hearing more.

    Also... album title kind of implies a Horizons / West, no?
  4. It's grown on me with multiple listens, and I appreciate the weird time signatures in the chorus, but I'd generally agree that the song isn't particularly special until the ending (bridge through last chorus). But between this song and the song titles, this album already seems leagues above Palms in terms of the lyrics, so that alone is exciting.

    I wouldn't want to make the mistake of assuming a double album...but a conceptual sequel would definitely be an awesome thing to hope for. A friend reminded me of the Kendrick/DAMN fiasco, where so many fans became convinced of a second album that we lost focus and stopped appreciating the new album for what it was.
  5. .K.

    Trusted Prestigious

    Album bands don’t always release the best single because they are too worried about making the best album.
  6. thechetearly


    My thoughts as well with regards to a double album situation. And I entirely agree - the past 3 (at least 3) records, have sounded mostly interchangeable with each other. They're all GOOD, but the sameness keeps them from being GREAT.
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  7. silentc


    I also thought they might do a West, South and North in the future
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  8. RiseAgainst379


    Does it seem like Dustin uses the same vocal melody in every song over the past three albums? Just me? Ok.

    Song is decent, eager to check it out in the album's context.
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  9. Bartek T.

    D'oh! Prestigious

    Grown on me after 2 listens already. Maybe a bit safe? Yeah like the first singles off of their latest albums maybe, though I wouldn't say a single in 7/8 time signature is THAT safe tbh ;D it sounds solid!
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  10. Buscemi knows best

    You owe me a Sausage McMuffin Supporter

    Pre-ordered right away, but as others have said, I don't really find this song that interesting. I'll always listen to anything Thrice puts out, but Palms was a miss for me and I haven't listened to it since release week. Hoping this is better than that record for me.
  11. .K.

    Trusted Prestigious

    How Beyond The Pines didn't click with Thrice fans is beyond me.
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  12. thechetearly


    I thought that was a great song, but the chord progression I was just...something I think most of us have heard too many times before.
  13. Legocarpet


    My take with this song after a half-week full of listens is that it really does some fresh things with Thrice's Beggars/post-Beggars/post-hiatus sound.

    Like "Yellow Belly", I really like the mammoth baritone-ish guitar main line. Excited to hear more from this great band.
  14. .K.

    Trusted Prestigious

    I guess to you me I just love that song with Dustin’s haunting voices and imagery. I didn’t feel familiar to me be I don’t know chord progression. There are some good songs on Palms, but I do agree it doesn’t shine as much as certain other albums. Stumbling West is cool too as a song that didn’t make the Palms record.
  15. Bartek T.

    D'oh! Prestigious

    I absolutely loved some songs on Palms, especially some new things like the upright bass or Emma Ruth Rundle feature, outstanding vibes! and here in Poland all of my friends and people I met on tour that year etc. really liked "Beyond The Pines", I remember strangers singing that song on a staircase in front of a venue, when for some reason Thrice's name came through the conversation ;d

    Also, I'll be forever happy with sending my own voice to be in there with the fan choir in "The Dark", that was really cool!
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  16. Ska Senanake


    My only complaint with this song and other newer songs (cough cough hurricane) is doubling the chorus at the end. For Hurrricane, there was that amazing sonic bridge, but the choruses came to close together in the arrangement. For this song, the 2nd chorus feels a little extra. You need to justify having it IMO, add another guitar riff, put counter meoldy vocals on top, find some way to build off the other choruses. Great tune though.
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