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    I'll jump on board to dissatisfy some ranking-predictions here - Beggars is definitely my favortie album as well :)) but it's hard for me to rank them all, I absolutely loved everything since TAITA, whereas Vheissu was obviosuly ground-breaking fore me, but Alchemy Index has my favorite bits of material. Anyway, about this new one - I was really mad throught nearly whole weekend, I couldn't catch a proper moment to listen to it cause somebody would plan shit for me all the time, I didn't want to listen to it at 3AM and fall asleep. I listened to it yesterday on headphones, and today twice on speaker, and I'm really liking it so far. Despite some heavy guitars and weird time signatures this album sounds pretty straightforward actually, which I'll have to get used to a bit.
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    I understand what you mean but I like it. I think it sounds beefy, which is appropriate, although I like it better on some songs than others. Riley posted on his blog the different setups he used. I like the drums overall a lot more than the way it was on M/m, which was harsh and possibly clipping.
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    First off I wanted to say that I fully appreciate the review. It was a well done piece and now after listening to the album for a few days I can absolutely hear everything that was written about the album. This is such a satisfying album on so many fronts. It has a touch of Vheissu, Alchemy Index, Beggars and even M/M - it's heavy with edge but soothing and rhythmic all the same. It satisfies the craving for sure.

    This is my first time posting to this site...I, like some of the others on this thread, created an account just so we could reply to this post after reading some of the reviews. At 32-years of age I find myself becoming more and more attached to the music I grew up on and fell in love with. A big part of that attachment is simply because I have spent half my life defending every scream, breakdown, chorus, double bass drum fill, guitar solo etc. that which my other "mainstream" friends simply could not identify with.

    There have been 10 or so bands over the years that have stuck with me throughout the years. Thrice, obviously, is one of them and also happens to be my favorite of the bunch. I have always claimed them to be my favorite band, mostly due to their early releases, but nonetheless a band that I have and always will support until the end. I feel like for most Thrice fans you fall into two categories -- Pre-Alchemy Index and Post-Alchemy Index. As a Thrice "lifer" I feel like the Pre-Alchemy Index catalogue does not get its fair shake. I understand that from a pure artistic and songwriting perspective, Identity Crisis, The Illusion of Safety and Artist in the Ambulance, for example, are not as clean or as firm as the later releases...but these are the albums a large portion of us grew up on. These are the albums I identify the most with. On the contrary, releases like Beggars, M/M and even Alchemy Index to an extent were albums we had to grow into. A subtle, yet justfied difference in my opinion. In either regard, every Thrice album has seemed to resonate with me at whatever point in time of my life it was released. Just my two cents... the value of what I feel a good or better album is will always be a matter of personal preference and what resonates with me the most for whatever reason. It does not always have to be a matter of which album was mixed the best or how clean it sounds or how well produced it may be.

    The thing I appreciate the most about TBEITBN is that I truly feel like it's the first album in which my two Thrice identities (Pre and Post Alchemy Index) have been able to mirror up and walk the same path. Every album in their catalog has identified with me at a certain time in my life; whether I was 15, 25, or 32 years old. This album strikes a chord with me on so many different levels. Chords that I really haven't felt since the early years. It may not be the songwriting masterpiece that Beggars is, however, the overall tempo and energy of this album is far superior to anything they have put out in their most recent releases. This is as unique of a Thrice experience as I can remember.

    AITA > IOS > IC > Vheissu > Beggars > The Alchemy Index > TBEITBN > Major / Minor > FI
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    I mean, the fact that he wrote a worship album during the Thrice hiatus speaks to this. Definitely a decision he made for the band.

    Sidenote: I'm glad you liked the album and agree with all the points you made. However, I think Thrice operates best when polish is thrown out the window. They're best when they innovate, and there was no innovation here, just streamlined, straightforward, cock rock. I didn't like Manchester's "Cope" for the same reason. The straighter the punch, the weaker the hit.
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  6. Wrote my own review for TBEITBN as part of a midyear-best-albums series for my blog. I ended up writing from a largely more personal angle than the rest of the albums on the list (let alone Aaron's review), but hey, it's Thrice. It's always gonna be personal for me.

    2016’s Midyear Best #3: Thrice
  7. That worship album was wildly innovative and fresh for the genre. Just sayin.
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    Wait... This is cock rock?
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    Speaking of cock rock, I somehow avoided that Disturbed cover of "The Sound of Silence" until yesterday and holy hell was it tough to stomach

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    Eh, I don't mind it that much. It's not bad, but it doesn't deserve the praise it gets. Never really been a fan of Disturbed, just some songs I enjoy.
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    new tour variant shared via Twitter:

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    Poop variant.
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