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Thrice’s ‘The Alchemy Index’ Gets a New Pressing

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 22, 2017.

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    Thrice have announced they’ll be re-issuing The Alchemy Index on vinyl. Sales begin this Friday.

    We're excited to announce that TAI is being released on vinyl again. The original pressing is one of the best pieces we ever put out & the reissue is a step up with gold foil & new colors. We couldn’t be happier with it. Available Friday at 10am PT at

    — THRICE (@Thrice) November 22, 2017

  2. SoundwaveUproar

    Regular Prestigious

    Do I want? Yeahhhhhh. Can I afford? Probably not. Looks like it will be a very pretty setup though.
  3. CarpetElf

    douglas Prestigious

    "I'm not gonna buy any more records rn" - Me, like two weeks ago

    HAHAHAHAHA. What a stupid idiot.
  4. _unproductive


    I am so excited about this. I’ve been waiting years for this to get repressed.
  5. _unproductive


    I’m gonna put this between $60-80
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  6. KyleK

    Let's get these people moving faster! Supporter

    Wanting to ask my fiancee to get this for me for Christmas, but without knowing the price I'm a little hesitant to put that pressure on her. Add in the insane shipping to Canada and exchange rate I know it'll be crazy.
  7. Colin Your Enthusiasm

    It's nobody's battle but your own. Prestigious

    Gorgeous but yeah I'm afraid of what the cost will be to Canada. But I can't resist. Been on my wish list forever. One of my white whales along with Beggars.
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  8. Buscemi knows best

    You owe me a Sausage McMuffin

    Gold foil with new colors, and it appears a shirt and a slipmat... I'd wager close to $100 for this (if only available as a bundle). I think the original pressing was in the $60-$70 range?
  9. KyleK

    Let's get these people moving faster! Supporter

    I'd add, for a while I went by the rule that I wouldn't buy records I already owned the CD of...but I've totally broken that a few times now, with Vheissu being the first example. So why not this too.
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  10. Colin Your Enthusiasm

    It's nobody's battle but your own. Prestigious

    Yeah I forgot to mention the sweet slipmat.
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  11. momo32t


    Fingers crossed that everyone who wants one gets it.
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  12. jhog3411


    How much does the original pressing go for? I have a mint copy.
  13. MexicanGuitars

    Chorus’ Expert on OTIP Track #8 Supporter

    Do want.
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  14. Sean Murphy

    Prestigious Supporter

    y e s !!
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  15. _unproductive


    last i checked close to $350. it will drop with the repress if it hasn't already
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  16. This is wildly tempting, but it's money I shouldn't be spending on what is possibly my least favorite Thrice release. (That's relatively speaking, of course, since Thrice is my favorite band, but still...)
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  17. Anthony Brooks

    brook183 Supporter

    I’m 100% nabbing this. Alarm is set.
  18. shogunTORTOISE


    Me last night: I'm gonna be good this month and buy only essentials so I can afford Christmas gifts!

    Me after this announcement:
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  19. Saephon


    ...And that's the sound of a million #novinylnovember 's crashing and burning.
  20. natefoundglory

    Trusted Supporter

    How timely, I'm incredibly broke!

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  21. Haha I had no idea that was a thing
  22. Bryan Diem


    $300 at my local shop
  23. DesolateEarth


    Goodbye money.
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  24. Serenity Now

    deliver us from e-mail Supporter

    So pretty. Wish i liked this enough to purchase.
    Happy for all the fans out there that do enjoy it.
  25. Guilherme Brandao


    Oh yeah, Great news.
    I'll try to get one.