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Thom DiLonge Thread Band

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Dirty Sanchez, May 4, 2016.

  1. Dirty Sanchez

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    Talk about AvA, To The Stars, demos, aliens, ufos, area 51, area 52, or anything Tim related.
  2. Steve_JustAGuy


    I generally find a few things that I like when he releases Angels and Airwaves stuff. Don't care about any of his non-musical endeavors.
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  3. Brandon Allin

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    Tim. Is. Out.
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    :heart: Tom

    I do respect that he tries to push the envelope further and really try to pursue his ambitions (even if they are batshit crazy). Wishing him the best and will at the very least check out his releases as they come up
  5. $17 AVA demos

    Pushing the envelope? More like pushing the wallet.
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  6. Dirty Sanchez

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    He has to make money somehow lol.
  7. i would be too. he'd have to actually go on tour in order to do that though... ha. I don't think he's toured apart from Blink since 2012 or something.
  8. Aaron

    Trouble trouble trouble.

    I like Tom, but I can absolutely understand why people don't like Tom.

    I'm probably a bit of an anomaly, because I didn't get really into Blink until the self-titled album. I was aware of their big hits (Small Things/Rock Show/etc.) for years before that, but I wasn't exactly passionate about them. I loved the S/T though (then swiftly delved into their back catalogue), so I was bummed when they split up.

    I didn't give a damn about AVA. I loved +44. I wasn't interested in Tom's bizarre ramblings in magazines (and kinda hated him a little for "killing" Blink,) so I didn't even bother checking out AVA.

    It changed about four-five years later when I bought AVA's second album just because I was in Tesco and I felt a burning need to buy a new CD. And I absolutely loved it. Then I got the first album. Then I checked out more Box Car Racer than I listened to first time around. Then came more AVA. Then Neighborhoods. I loved it all.

    He's an unusual guy, but I've got a lot of respect for his ambition and drive. I've got a lot of love for his musical output too (I really liked his solo EP). I can see why people would be turned off by his relatively erratic behaviour though...and I totally get why people don't like his vocals. Tom is cool with me though. :thumbup:
  9. tdlyon

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    Lol this thread will be fun

    Also please leave the typo
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  10. clockwise


    Tim Delinge
  11. Ben Lee

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    I'd like to start a contest and find the worst Tom Performance.
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  12. Dirty Sanchez

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  13. FTank

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    This is probably instantly the best thread on Chorus.
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  14. Brandon Allin

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    Man, that video is terrible.
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  15. FTank

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    "...that I am currently shitting my pants, and your pants as well" is still my favorite quote of all time.
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  16. clockwise


    Without a doubt the worst, man those were some rough days...
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  17. alaskancurry


    Honest question, does basically everyone here hate Tom? I honestly get most of the hate but the dude is still personally my hero, I choose to look at his legacy as whole not so much as what he's done recently. I do not care for his non-musical projects but I support his choice to do so and admire his passion in those projects. I do believe he should more carefully choose his words when talking about some things (blink) though haha.
  18. tdlyon

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    I don't hate him, I'm really happy for him that he's doing what makes him happy. I'm just not on board with him anymore
  19. Brandon Allin

    Finest Quality Crappy Punk Rock Since '92 Prestigious

    I certainly don't hate the guy, though I admittedly do view him in somewhat of a negative light nowadays for holding up new Blink material and, for lack of a better way to put it, essentially being the cancer in the band in recent memory. Couple that with the fact that I have no interest in the type of music he seemingly wants to play these days or the art he wants to create and.. yeah.

    That being said, he was a huge part of my childhood growing up, and I will always acknowledge that he played a major role in crafting some of my favorite albums of all time.

    Credit where credit is dude, but things change, people change, and so on. I want the guy to be happy doing what he's doing, it just isn't at all for me.
  20. Paul Beaumont


    I'm still on board with Tom if he releases something good. I enjoyed most of what he's done with Angels and Airwaves, especially the last full length they did, and the track Diary. I feel that someone who has released about 100 songs in 10 years (not including films, books and all that stuff) isn't going to really have much quality control though, and that's his main downfall.
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  21. iamNex

    My god that down performance towarda the ene..yooo ohooo ohooo
  22. YahWeWoo


    I love Tom so, so, so much. Don't care he's an ego maniac. Don't care he's a bit crazy. He's one of the MOST influental songwriters for me. I don't know... his music is still talks to me, even his last effort Chasing Shadows blows me away. Too bad his glory days are gone... I love you, Tom. Stay strong XO
  23. YahWeWoo


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  24. YahWeWoo


  25. Dirty Sanchez

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    I don't hate him, I just wish he would keep his mouth shut about blink. Other than that, he's fine.
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