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This Wild Life Jamming Their New Album

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. Melody Bot

    Your friendly little forum bot. Staff Member

  2. Ryan

    Might be Spider-Man...

    Loved their first record a crap ton. Second one....., I hope this is a rebound!
  3. Second album was fantastic and I’ll fight for it
  4. David-


    You and me both. That album is amazing.
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  5. CMilliken


    I’m on your side Jason!
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  6. teebs41

    Prestigious Prestigious

    Never listened to this band... maybe I should
  7. teebs41

    Prestigious Prestigious

    I’m enjoying the second album more than the first. Doesn’t bleed together as much
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  8. GetUpAndrew

    Constant horror and bone-deep dissatisfaction.

    Low Tides was great, can't wait to hear what they have in store.
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  9. jorbjorb

    7 rings

    these guys get how to write songs. Low Tides was very enjoyable.
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  10. CMilliken


    Great acoustic stuff for the most part. A little more adventurous on their second LP but still great.
  11. Larry David

    I'll see you again in 25 years Prestigious

    Both of their records are gems. I'm so excited for their next release
  12. parkerxcore

    Somebody's gonna miss us Supporter

    Low Tides is superior to Clouded
  13. ccsc918


    Can't wait to hear the album, All the teasers they posted sound amazing including the sad ballad.
  14. Colin Your Enthusiasm

    It's nobody's battle but your own. Prestigious

    Time for me to check out this band.
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  15. RobJGolde

    Wrecked 'em? Damn near killed 'em!

    I caught these guys opening for Dashboard last year. Never heard of them before but loved their sound and the performance itself was great. Excited to see what these dudes have in store.