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This Wild Life Announce ‘Low Tides’

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 12, 2016.

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    This Wild Life will release their new album, Low Tides, on September 9th. The new single “Pull Me Out” can be found below and pre-orders are now up.

    Track Listing

    1. Hit the Reset
    2. Pull Me Out
    3. Break Down
    4. Let Go (feat. Maya Tuttle)
    5. Just Yesterday
    6. Fade
    7. Falling Down
    8. Red Room
    9. Change My Sheets
    10. Brick Wall

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  2. FTank

    Prestigious Prestigious

    I'm looking forward to this. Hoping the songs differentiate themselves a little more than they did on the debut, though.
  3. Ryan

    Might be Spider-Man...

    Loved all their stuff so far, their last record was my 2014 soundtrack
  4. Cody Prestigious

    Oooof. Not into that whatsoever, but damn, 13k views in 12 hours is pretty impressive.
  5. shawnhyphenray


    It's about flipping time
  6. trevorshmevor Jul 12, 2016
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    Wasn't too into the songs from the deluxe version of Clouded, but love the record itself. Aaron Marsh really did a wonderful job taking the band to the next level. Hoping to like this one just as much.

    Edit: this single is great!
  7. GetUpAndrew

    Constant horror and bone-deep dissatisfaction.

    Loved Clouded. Can't wait to hear some new tunes from them.
  8. Kevin

    Bada Boom

    Clouded still gets plays. This single doesn't do much for me. Still looking forward to the album though.
  9. CMilliken


    Clouded is great. Really enjoy the single. Looking forward to this one.
  10. Aaaaaand pre-ordered
  11. Brent

    Trusted Prestigious

    It felt like the same lines sung about 30 times over. Was just wondering when new music would appear... not too thrilled about this but I believe the best is yet to come. Absolutely love their covers.
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  12. Jake W

    oh my god, I'm back on my bullshit Prestigious

    New song is a let down. I like every song on Clouded more than it.
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  13. FTank

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    I'm not super into the song either
  14. Schooner


    So keen. Clouded has about 8 songs in my iTunes top 30 most played tunes
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  15. sawhney[rusted]2

    I'll write you into all of my songs Supporter

    Sounds very similar melodically but more interesting musically. Interested to see how they experimented with their sound!
  16. jlinitz Jul 12, 2016
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    John Linitz @jlinitz

    Kinda surprised at the reaction here, I'm really digging this song. Gives me those feels I haven't felt in a while

    Edit: not loving the album art though :/ I hate to be that guy, but it just looks like a bunch of vectors and doesn't feel like an album cover
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  17. TobiasSc

    Life is a gift. Remember this.

    I was thinking the same thing. Loved Clouded (though it's indeed quite repetitive), love their covers (especially the BMTH one) - I'm thrilled what is to come :)
  18. alert=danger

    Eat The City. Eat It Whole. Prestigious

    Loved their last album. Can not wait for this.
  19. Honeymagnolia

    Regular Supporter

    Really like this. Looking forward to the new album. Band is awesome.
  20. Bartek T.

    D'oh! Prestigious

    Exactly, hopefully the record will be at least a bit diverse.
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  21. contra11mundum

    I hate spoilers. Supporter

    Didn't Aaron Marsh produce this?
  22. Bartek T.

    D'oh! Prestigious

    He did, same as their previous album.