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Thirty Seconds To Mars – America

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 26, 2018.

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    On Thirty Seconds to Mars’ fifth album, titled America, Jared Leto and his bandmates experiment with big U2-type choruses, patriotic themes, and the deeper meanings of life. The band has long-since been known for their anthemic choruses and there are plenty of those to go around on America, as well as great production and a polished sound fit for a major label and radio outlets alike.

    The album itself is front-loaded with the previously released singles “Walk on Water” and “Dangerous Night.” The one-two punch of these tracks play off of each other well, with the latter being the more memorable of the two. Leto sings on the chorus that it’s a “dangerous night to fall in love/don’t know why we fight what we’ve become.” The themes of loss, heartbreak, and longing for a change in the status quo run rampant throughout the album.

    On “Rescue Me,” another early album standout track, we see Leto struggle with the “demons in his mind” over a programmed beat and electronic music backing. The best way to describe the rest of the album is “brooding” as it never reaches the earlier heights of the singles and makes the listening experience more reflective than reactive.

    Leto claims to have a “method to the madness” on “One Track Mind,” which features a rapped verse from A$AP Rocky that comes off a little awkward. “Monolith” is a mid-album snoozefest, but the band recovers slightly with the Halsey-assisted track “Love is Madness.” The verses continue the earlier vibes of the two aforementioned tracks, while the chorus is the saving grace for the song.

    “Great Wide Open” tries to reach for the same heights as U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” with its gospel chorus backing and floaty lyrics. However, it seems that the rest of the band is taking a backseat to Leto on this album as his vocals being the focal point doesn’t leave much room for the rest of the band. The track comes across as more of an Angels and Airwaves type track, with a lot less creative guitar work.

    The majority of the rest of the album features quieter tones, acoustic guitars, and honestly just limps to the finish with the closing track “Rider.” Leto may have had a lot of fun making this record, but he may want to check in on his bandmates to see if they are still going along for the ride with him. This album is not as bad as some early reviews have showcased, but it’s also not much better either.

  2. tyramail

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    I enjoyed this on my first listen, to my surprise.
  3. Former Planets


    I loved their first album, and bought the second the day it came out. When I put it in my computer, Sony had copy-protected it to where you couldn’t rip your own MP3s. That was enough to ruin my excitement and left a bad taste in my mouth about this band ever since. Also, each album has further skewed the good songs to god complex ratio, so there’s that too.
  4. DandonTRJ

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    I revisited that first album on a drive recently after having only listened to their more recent output for a few years, and holy crap, I forgot how much more dynamic and layered their music used to be. I wish they’d claw back some of that raw ambition.
  5. theasteriskera

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    I've listened to close to 200 new albums so far in 2018, & this is by far the worst with no close second. I came into it really wanting to like it too :-/
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  6. tyramail Apr 26, 2018
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    Listen to Lil Xan - Total Xanarchy
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  7. CMilliken


    Wasn’t a fan. Couldn’t really get into this one. Their past couple tbh.
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  8. thedrudo

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    I thought the first single was a joke the first time I heard it -- but that song and this album have grown on me a ton.
  9. We're in day 114 of 2018. This is impressive, that's over one new album a day. Damn.
  10. JamesMichael

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    I suppose streaming makes new music more accessible than ever. Still impressive!
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  11. Iamhollywood315


    Rescue me is really catchy but I wished there were more guitar driven parts on the album rather than poppy beats
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  12. Hazelnutsack


    This site has to be the kindest when it comes to cutting garbage albums slack, it really shows the love this community has.
  13. tyramail

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    Or people just have different tastes. Pretty crazy idea!
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  14. Hazelnutsack


    Are you seeing the album art rn
  15. sawhney[rusted]2

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  16. heymattrick

    Pool Boy at the Vampire Mansion

    Are we actually judging the music on albums based on their artwork now?
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  17. jorbjorb

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    Damn this sounds great.
  18. natedorough


    Wait, isn't this guy a total shitbag?
  19. tdlyon

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    Very easily their worst album, though they've never made one that was consistently good all the way through imo, they all just have highlights
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  20. SamLevi11

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    This album is trash. The artwork is trash. The musicianship is trash. The Lyrics are trash. Jared Leto is trash.
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  21. Hazelnutsack


    No but in this case that album art is indicative of what to expect from the contents of the music, also refer to the comments above me
  22. theasteriskera

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    You're right, that was really really bad. I honestly gave up about 70% in, I couldn't do the last like 4 songs.

    Thanks! Every Friday morning I end up throwing like 10-12 new albums in my queue. Sometimes I wish I'd stop & listen to more things I like/older music, but I just can't.
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  23. xenoabe


    I liked it more than a lot of people. It's by far their worst album to me though and they've strayed a lot from the rock roots they started with. It's pretty much pop with the quintessential element of Leto trying to make everything sound "epic."

    If we're going off of album artwork then APC's new album is horrific (I actually loved the music on it though).
  24. Former Planets


  25. josh-

    Twitter: @joshcaraballin

    This album is a hot pile of shit
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