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Things Are Going Well Over in Trump Land

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 30, 2017.

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    The New York Times:

    A professor with close ties to the Russian government told an adviser to Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign in April 2016 that Moscow had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton in the form of “thousands of emails,” according to court documents unsealed Monday.

    The adviser, George Papadopoulos, has pleaded guilty to lying to the F.B.I. about that conversation.


    President Trump’s campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, was indicted Monday on charges that he funneled millions of dollars through overseas shell companies and used the money to buy luxury cars, real estate, antiques and expensive suits.

    The charges against Mr. Manafort and his longtime associate Rick Gates represent a significant escalation in a special counsel investigation that has cast a shadow over Mr. Trump’s first year in office.

    These are all bad people doing bad things in the most boneheaded way possible. Our country will be trying to fix the damage done by these clowns for decades.

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  2. Ben Lee

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    Thought this thread had really good insight. I so badly want to believe that his predictions are correct. He's been pretty spot on so far.

  3. Eva89

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    I hope that cheeto-looking fuck loses what little he has left of his mind over the next few days.
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  4. adamlikesdogs


    Pretty embarrassing to be an American these days.
  5. sethstaubs

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    People aren't going to like where this is heading.
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  6. fredwordsmith

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    This is going to be bad.

    We shouldn't be celebrating Mueller so much as thanking him for shedding a light on all these awful things. But there will be lots of Senators who look the other way. Paul Ryan is as spineless as ever in the face of the news. And as more and more things come out, I have sincere doubts that anything will change because the GOP thinks they can outrun this tidal wave of treason. The sad thing is, I think there's a very good chance they're right.

    If that is the case: nothing less than a sincere and prolonged general strike will stop this.
  7. incognitojones

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    Spineless or connected? The latter is more believable
  8. adamlikesdogs


    My favorite take on this from a friend on facebook: People often forget that Al Capone was brought down by tax evasion. It's not a coincidence that Mueller is going after the money guy first.
  9. fredwordsmith

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    I think this was directed at me, and I agree. I think the tainted pool has a lot of members; frankly, not all of them are GOP I'm willing to bet. Get all of them out.
  10. incognitojones

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    I'm too lazy to quote. But it's way more believable that Ryan is part of the cover up and implicated in all of this than that he doesn't care enough to do anything.
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  11. Ryan

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    Oliver truly described this best with Stupid Watergate. How anyone can support Trump at this point is beyond me. The hive mind, groupthink aspect of it can't deny this any longer.
  12. thenewmatthewperry

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    What you gonna do when the law breaks in
    Will you stand your ground or confess your sins
    Oh no, no, no you don't know
  13. mattylikesfilms


    The dominoes begin to fall...
  14. jpmalone4

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    This is great, thank you for sharing.
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