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They Took a Knee

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Sep 25, 2017.

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    Megan Garber, writing for The Atlantic:

    The president had, once again, misrepresented the situation. The players are not, as a whole, protesting the national anthem. (There are bodies in the street, Kaepernick had said.) They are not protesting the flag. They are protesting police brutality against African Americans. They are protesting the lack of legal accountability for the officers who enact that violence. They are protesting, more broadly, the ways racism gets codified in America, the ways it is expanded from a personal evil into a societal one.

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  2. Helloelloallo

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    I don't know who turned this into an attack on veterans and the American way, but they did a great job of convincing everyone that that's what this is about. It's maddening how much of America now believes that's what this, and are actually beginning to boycott the NFL. Looking at social media (NFL, specific team pages), it looks to be the majority opinion which saddens me. It's also just a small act during the first few minutes of the game and everyone is acting like we're giving each player a microphone and they're giving a 10 minute speech each before each game that we're all forced to listen to.
  3. Sean Murphy

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    Yeah I was trying to explain this yesterday to someone, this is not an attack on our troops. Protesting the anthem is not disrespecting their service or even the flag. It is protesting the words of a song that dictates that this is the "land of the free" when there are so many who are not treated that way and DON'T feel that way. This has zero to do with troops, and if you're out to make it about that, it's on you when you have to argue with people who don't understand your reasoning.
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  4. heymattrick

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    The outrage over this is mind-blowing to me.
  5. tyramail

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    Its insane to me that people think this peaceful protest is unpatriotic and disrespectful to the flag. Tripp’s fight for freedom for all, not just one catered demographic.
  6. smowashere

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    As I've seen posted several times (by myself as well):

    You know what's ACTUALLY offensive to the American flag? The Confederate flag.
  7. There are plenty of good reasons to boycott the NFL. Peaceful protest is not one of them.
  8. Ska Senanake


    And the country gets even more divided... sigh
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  9. Jared Luttrell


    I agree 100%. I don't understand how people think they are actively doing this to disrespect the military or the flag. It's just a made up excuse. Clearly this is about how black people are treated in America and the people up in arms about this protest are just furthering their point.
  10. Junction183


    I just think the majority of people are just frustrated with the politicalization of everything. People lead busy lives and are inundated with politics on a daily basis and Sunday football was a chance to get away from it all, sit down around the television and support your team.
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  11. tyramail

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    But when this kind of injustice is constantly plaguing the country, it shouldn’t just get swept under and tossed aside because Americans want to watch their football. I agree, that’s why a lot of people are upset, but I think those people are part of the problem.
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  12. Helloelloallo

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    I somewhat get that, but as I said, it's such a small gesture that has been blown way out of proportion. A few people reacted, leading to the president getting ignorantly involved and that's what has politicized it so much.
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  13. Junction183


    That's where you're wrong. The vast majority of people in this country are decent hard working people that aren't contributing to any injustice that you speak of and most of all want to be left alone to lead their lives and build their families without being told what they should feel guilty or do something about.
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  14. tyramail

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    Well, I guess fuck all of the minorities then who face injustices regularly. Everyone else should just go on with their lives since they’re not directly effected.
  15. Junction183


    You're missing my point. The people that I speak of are contributing in positive ways that benefit society as a whole. They don't have to be passionate or do anything about every issue plaguing this country, we all know there's a lot of them. If you vote, pay taxes, build families and better your community I feel that you've done your part...enjoy the football game.
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  16. I think this is an extremely uneducated position on systematic and structural white supremacy that we all participate in on a daily basis.
  17. Jason Tate Sep 26, 2017
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    People are dying in the streets. Fuck your football game. The entire point is to make people uncomfortable and face the harsh reality that is being ignored.
  18. tyramail

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    I’m not missing your point so much as disagreeing with the way you view this. I don’t care how much people contribute, if they want to stand by idly and ignore the mass amount of injustice that’s occurring and pat themselves on the back because they’ve done their part by paying taxes and voting, then good for them but I think they suck. I just won’t side with a bunch of priveliged people that get upset that their beloved football is interrupted by people who face injustices on a regular basis, peacefully and silently protesting their equal rights.
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  19. A game filled with military on the field, air force fly overs, commercials for the army/all kinds of paid advertisements from the military ... and plenty of other "political" nationalist propaganda. But god forbid someone say: stop killing black people and ruin this "get away from politics." :eyeroll:
  20. St. Nate

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    *holds out the mic to the crowd*
  21. Zip It Chris

    Be kind; everyone is on their own journey.

    This is a situation where White America is having an opportunity presented in which they can advocate as an ally for those suffering through an oppression that is impossible to understand unless you're living it day to day. The facts are: Police killed 2 unarmed black people PER WEEK in 2015, which is 5X the rate of unarmed whites. Only 13 of 104 court cases that year resulted in an officer being charged with a crime. That is an issue that our president should be discussing, but it's not on Fox News. That's why we have BLM activists, and hero's like Kap that are willing to bring an uncomfortable story to the forefront. Just because it doesn't 'poll well' doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. It's the Moral thing to do.

    Also, Trump is the last fucking person that should be talking about disrespecting our flag and soldiers. He attacked a POW by saying he likes war heroes that don't get shot down, attacked the Kahn Family, accused US troops of stealing money from Iraq, defended Putin killing journalists by saying 'you think our country's so innocent?' and requested 4 deferments!

    This weekend was more in response to being called SOB's, but Trump needs to learn that his divisive agenda will not be tolerated, and will bring those opposed to him closer together.
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  22. Zip It Chris

    Be kind; everyone is on their own journey.

    All violations of the flag Code of Conduct btw...
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  23. Zip It Chris

    Be kind; everyone is on their own journey.

  24. ImAMetaphor

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    When people say things like, "I just want to enjoy the football game," what they are really saying is, "seeing those players peacefully protest is offensive to me because I don't agree that police brutality is an issue." The anthem is such a minor part of the game in the scheme of things; there is no reason why players kneeling during it should ruin the entire event for anyone. Unless, of course, what those people actually take issue with is a very public display of peaceful protest by mostly POC. That is the crux of the issue. It has been unchallenged until recently that we stand for the National Anthem. These protests - these acts of defiance - challenge that notion. More than that, they challenge the institutional racism and systemic white supremacy that is grossly and disproportionately affecting POC and other minorities in this country. This isn't about the anthem, this isn't about Trump, this certainly isn't about the Anthem, and I think the people decrying the protests know that, but it's easier to misplace the intentions of people like Kaepernick than acknowledge the real issue: police brutality and violence.
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  25. Wharf Rat

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    reminder that being pro-america is a political position. im anti-america and don't want your shit in my football game, how about that