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These New Puritans - Inside the Rose (March 22, 2019) Album

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Horrorca, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. Horrorca


    I'm going to quote P4k (I know) because I'm being lazy & their description is clickbait worthy (also kinda accurate):

    "What if the Knife had peaked in the heyday of MTV Unplugged? What if James Blake and Scott Walker co-produced an Oliver Sim solo album? What if someone slipped a Nine Inch Nails CD to those singing monks from the ’90s? Such are the undreamed-of questions answered, at various times, by Inside the Rose, the fourth studio album by Essex shape-shifters These New Puritans, whose website summary describes them, with maddening understatement, as “an English experimental music group whose music is not easily categorized.”''

    so yeah... avant pop magicians in the tradition of Talk Talk...heavy jazz & classical influences on this one

    very colorful & extremely beautiful

    been waiting for a long while for this one!

  2. Damn well near AOTY. Been waiting a long time for this and it does not disappoint, especially since the time it took for me to 'get' Field of Reeds helped broaden my tastes and increase my appreciation for their catalogue as a whole.

    Infinity Vibraphones tho.
  3. Horrorca


    this is un fucking believable
  4. holy shit LOOK AT THIS THING D2iX0h8X4AAjsqD.jpg
  5. Horrorca



    I’m obssessed with this album

    Beyond Black Suns!!
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  6. yung_ting Mar 26, 2019
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    Finally listening and this is very good
  7. TriangularDuck

    Regular Supporter

    Hmmm I haven't listened to these guys since their not very good debut, guess I'll check this out
  8. They're not trying to be the arty post-punk band they were a decade ago, it's super different from what you remember them as so it might be a bit of a shock!
  9. Horrorca


    heavy Dead Can Dance, Coil & Dustsucker vibes on this one