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The Xcerts Band

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by George, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. George

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    The Xcerts are a bloody brilliant Scottish band who have released three albums, and are one of the hardest working, and just downright nicest bands in the UK right now.


    RIYL: Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters, Brand New, Twin Atlantic, Idlewild.
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  2. George

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    They're really, really good, and one of those bands that I wish nothing but the best for them. Here's a song from each album.

  3. Slangster

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    Re-listening to There Is Only You right now. This band is the best.
  4. Paul Beaumont Prestigious

    There Is Only You is their best by a long way, and I loved them already. Cannot wait for their next release.
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  5. ugman_2000

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    There is only you is such a perfect album. The song There is Only You is such a good closer as well. When I saw them play that in Guildford last year was a proper goosebumps moment.
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  6. Paul Beaumont Prestigious

    I agree they closed with it on their last tour a year ago. Was brilliant. I'm really hoping they tour again soon for it and not just supporting some shitty band like they have done the last couple times.
  7. George

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    Yeah, I guess the financial benefits to all the support tours they do must be worth it, but I wish they'd tour more as a headliner.
  8. ugman_2000

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    For some reason they seem to love headline shows in Guildford/Aldershot (I guess neither are that far from Brighton where they live). So I'm quiet fortunate that they usually play headline shows near me once or twice a year. I really hope they take off on their next album as they totally desrve it.

    This is still the best set I've seen them do, absolutley smashed it that day.

    Talking of support slots, do you remember when they were due to support G n R? That would've been rididculous.
  9. George

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    New (or new to me anyway) song on a charity compilation;

    In other news, they're supporting Motion City Soundtrack on their UK shows.
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  10. ugman_2000

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    That song was also a bonus song on the There is only you delux version, still a great song though. That's a pretty cool support slot, I missed out on tickets to that but I might try and pick some up off twickets nearer the time. I'm off to 2000 Trees this week so I'll hopefully be catching these guys at some point this weekend.
  11. George

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    I didn't realise there was a deluxe edition of that album. Was there anything else interesting extra on it?
  12. Mclusky30


    Absolutely loved There Is Only You.
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  13. ugman_2000

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    There was this track too, I don't know when it came out but the copy in my iTunes is the deluxe with just these two tracks on it.

    As far as other awesome xcerts b-sides I always loved their cover of Drinking in LA.
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  14. Paul Beaumont Prestigious

    I love North East Kid, Heaven, Bored of Being Adored and Wish. Really want them to come back soon. Was in two minds about the Motion City Soundtrack tour but now I'll definitely be going with these on the bill.
  15. ugman_2000 Jul 10, 2016
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    Saw The Xcerts twice over the weekend (one electric set, one acoustic set). Both sets were just incredible, but their electric set was just next level. Aberdeen and There is only you kill me every god damn, actual tears. Oh and seeing Murray in various crowds over the weekend getting more and more drunk was hilarious, what a dude. God I love this band.
  16. ugman_2000

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    Here's Murray finishing off the acoustic set in the middle of the forest with just his guitar and his voice (he left the mike on the stage). It was so impressive seeing him fill the whole of the forest area (prob about 100-ish people) with just his voice alone.

  17. George

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  18. Paul Beaumont Prestigious

    Did anyone get footage of the new song?
  19. ugman_2000

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    I haven't seen any pop up yet. It was a great song from what I remember, because it was a very drunken weekend I couldn't tell you what it sounds like. I do remember it getting a great reception from the crowd though.
  20. Paul Beaumont Prestigious

    Superb! Hopefully they'll play it on the MCS tour
  21. redwing91007

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  22. Slangster

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  23. ugman_2000

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    They do know how to do a good cover, drinking in la is still my fav though.
  24. Slangster

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  25. Callum Macleod

    Do or do not, there is no try.

    New song "Feels Like Falling In Love" debuted on the Radio 1 Rock Show tonight. It's a banger. Presume it'll go up on streaming sites at midnight.
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