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    I'm pretty sure that area has been a shit show of seismic activity for a long time. I'm sure there's more specific causes for this one in particular, but most of the earthquakes in the Mediterranean are because of the Eurasian and African plates colliding.
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    The qualifiable explanations for that make a lot of sense. On a geological scale the pressure exerted by the ice caps compared to the pressure exerted by opposing plates has to be, I imagine, fairly small, but for an already precarious configuration I think it could tip the table. Less pressure means lower melting points for rocks too. I'd be curious to see reports that can quantify this though.
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    Wow, Dilma officially impeached/removed from office in Brazil
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    Syrian Ceasefire

    Syria's ceasefire came dinto effect at sunset last monday but battles raged on past the deadline. The military announced at 7.00 pm local time that it would cease fighting unitl midnight tomorrow,
    BUT they also reserved the right to respond " using all forms of fire to any violation by the armed groups"

    So without seeing any news since then I have no idea if the ceasefire held but it seems very fragile at best anyhow.
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    Afghanistan is close to deal with a Warlord
    Afghanistan is on the verge of signing a peace deal with one of its most powerful Warlords. Four months of talks with Islamist militants Hizb-i-Islami "Will be finished soon" Say President Ashraf Ghani. "God willing, we will witness a major step toward the creation of peace and the end of fighting!" He added.
    The deal - promising the end of decades of violence - had been held up by fears of bringing the faction’s leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar into the political fold. Human rights activists have longstanding allegations of civil rights abuse against the Pashtun Warlord, a veteran of 40 years of fighting. Hekmatyar was included on the US global terrorist list back in 2003.
    Peace talks with the Taliban, the largest insurgent group, have yet to start BUT both sides have stated they are open to the idea!
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    The Brazilian government is planning to build 42 mega-dams on the last free-flowing river in the Amazon. If they go ahead, these dams could turn an expansive, fertile jungle into a desolate, swamp-like wasteland.

    As the world's population increases and countries desperatly try to provide power to their cities we all need to embrace green energy, or even nuclear power plants at worst, to try and halt the devastating impact of climate change! You can't be neutral on a moving train!
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    Ummmm, apparently the US has been at DEFCON 3 for 4 hours and no one's reporting it????????????
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    The more I read about current world events, the more I feel that World War 3 is happening right now (and has been for at least a decade), it's just happening in "secret".
    So much shady shit is happening in The Middle East (US/UK), Far East (China) and Europe (Russia, US establishing themselves in Ukraine) that involves so many nations I can't see any other explaniation. Except, perhaps, that the articles i've been reading are by crackpot conspiracy theorists, but they are so precise, particular and written by (from what I can see/judge) people with honest reputations that I can't believe that's the case :concerned:
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    Insane Clown Posse have fans known as Juggalos and I should know because when I was a fucked up little kid, I used to be one! Most Juggalos, like me, were fans of the groups progressive, fake gangsta’ rap and got the joke, after all how serious can you take two guys rapping badly in “Kiss” make up??

    However there is now a smaller division, about 9%, who have actually formed into a viscous street gang and are now recognised by US police and the FBI as a proper, organised criminal organisation. Typically this is drug related, initiations are based around arson and members carry hatchets and even guns.

    To me this is a disgusting punchline to a crude joke and I can’t help but wonder what ICP would make of the situation??? Would they be ashamed or pleased, because, although ICP were largely seen as an ironic joke, it has to be remembered, the early Dark Carnival manifesto was basically a urge for the poor people to rise out of the slums and kill the rich!

    I wonder if ICP have changed their views now they are the very rich they once sort murdered????
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    I agree that we're in the third world war and have been since 9/11.
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    Active shooter situation at Ohio State University.
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    So was it a shooter? Knife wielding? I heard about the car into the crowd of people.. Confused atm.
    My friend is super concerned tryna get a hold of her friends and family there.
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    It is confusing yeah
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    My friend said there was people on campus talking about "New Europe" or something prior. Handing out literature or something, according to her.
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    Seems more and more like the gunshots were probably the cops putting him down(?)

    If that's the case that's weird in even that's own right, why would someone randomly run people over and run around with a knife? You know that's not gunna end well for you..
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    Yeah I don't believe the suspect had a gun, just a butcher knife. The shots people heard I'm guessing were the OSU officer shooting the suspect.
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    Dame Louise Casey’s Integration Report Unfair, say Muslim Leaders

    Muslim leaders in the UK have reacted angrily to an official report claiming that “Misogyny and patriarchy” in some communities is widening inequality. They were reacting to her claim that the UK is becoming more divided as it becomes more diverse.

    Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive fo the Ramadhan Foundation, has said that:

    “ We are saddened that once again British Muslims have become a political football which is bashed from time to time without angry regard to this has to individuals who are subjected to threats and violence.” I call this the fear machine, a mechanism of negative media reporting on Muslims or negative preaching by radical Muslims which escalates the state of universal terror, intolerance and bigotry in all walks of life and to all people and allegiances.

    Dame Lousie said on BBC radio:

    “I, only last Thursday, was in a community where women who have lived here for years are not allowed out of their house without their man’s permission.” She added:

    “It is not the women wearing veils that I have a problem with. It is the misogyny and patriarchy of men that has to come to an end!”

    Surely the question here is do we need organised religion at all? Is it a philosophical scourge which brings oppression and war or do we need it to define our own moral compasses and guide us through life??? Is there any need for it in modern life or are we lost without it?
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    So our Prime Minister has rasied the Uk's Threat Level to Critical after the Manchester bombing and there is now armed police on the streets. In my own city there is an armed presence outside of our train station and if more events occur they're considering using the Military. Never did I see this happening!!!
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    There was a question of whether they would do that at the party conference, guess they want to have the PR build for the full 4 years. Its not as huge of a deal as it sounds because he was going to be General Secretary and Core Leader for the foreseeable future anyway. It does prevent someone else from using the presidential office as a power base to challenge but it would've been a long time before that office was out from under his thumb even without him in it, imo
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