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The World Events/News Thread World

Discussion in 'Politics Forum' started by Melody Bot, Mar 13, 2015.

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    The World Events/News Thread
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  3. muttley Apr 17, 2016
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  4. MexicanGuitars

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  5. digital by birth

    Evolution not revolution

    New London Mayor Sadiq Khan has received positive messages from politicians around the world and even the Pope, in support of his new position. Kahn is the son of a bus driver and also of Islamic faith.

    He has said his victory has shown the world Islam IS compatible with Western Values. He added. "There are extremists who say you can't be a Muslim and be a Westerner and they hate the west. My point is I am the West!"
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  7. domotime2

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    gross. quite numb to these news stories now. the world is a dangerous/scary place
  8. digital by birth

    Evolution not revolution

    I’ve said it before but I think ISIS are the biggest threat to global security since the Nazis. All these extremist believe they’re killing the enemies of Allah and committing Jihad against non-believers but to what ends? Do they really believe they’re going to convert believers by random acts of violence against innocent people? Like I say, in their eyes their victims are sinners but seriously there must be a better way of promoting their religion than with suicide bombers and mass shootings? Their ultimate goal is to create a Muslim kingdom in the world with sharia law but in truth all its doing is leading to an increase in hate crimes, where certain people are no longer distinguishing between fanatical and peaceful Muslims. All their Jihad does is make the world less stable and make, atheists , Christians and such hate all Muslims and that must be counterproductive to their goals.

    I also wonder about these fanatics too. Most of them seem to come from pretty humble back grounds. I feel they’re stuck in dead end jobs and are frustrated by their everyday life and the lives of who they see as sinners. So they start to hate the West and see that they can do this great thing for their God by committing Jihad and suddenly they matter! Their life has this great significance and they have the chance to die for what they believe in!!

    I used to be pretty radical myself and I realised after some time most of my problems were personal and I was dressing them up with my politics to disguise my own frustrations and failings. It’s been said, a young man wants to die for a cause while an old man wants to live humbly for one.

    Lastly I really don’t get why IF promiscuous sex is a sin on Earth why it’s oks to have 72 virgins in heaven???
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  9. Nick

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  10. MexicanGuitars

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    Up to 70 dead now. Jesus Christ
  11. jorbjorb

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    What the fuck wow
  12. armistice Jul 14, 2016
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    Not to...whatever...but this entire post reads like you've literally never studied a worldview other than an of-the-'west', white, Christian, male's.

    edit: To be clear, I'm not saying there aren't elements of truth in the post. I'm saying that being objectively correct on singular points from a single point of view literally never pushes progress and in almost all cases actually just inflames one side or another of a deplorable, ignorant, binary existence free from actual consequence and experience in either extreme or space between. Such speech has become disturbingly virtual and (as I hope you're coming to find) irrelevant when victims can live-stream their plights.
  13. digital by birth

    Evolution not revolution

    I'm not sure I follow? What's your take on Isis then?
  14. Richard

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    It's incredibly complex, and I definitely don't know the answers, however I don't think religion plays as much a part in it as the surface may suggest. The West has not been good to the Middle East, and I think one of the many parts of any root cause would have to stem from that.

    We do need to keep this in perspective though. These attacks are absolutely horrible, but the Nazi's killed six million Jewish people. I don't think, from a Western perspective at least, that the two threats are comparable in that sense.
  15. digital by birth

    Evolution not revolution

    I don't know man, I mean I don't see any end of these attacks in the near future. I'm not even entirely sure what their agenda is? To establish a Moslem world, I 'm not sure random terror attacks are going to achieve that and I'm not sure what event could be implemented to end this madness!
  16. Ferrari333SP

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    Sounds like some serious shit is going down in Turkey right now
  17. ReginaPhilange

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    fuck. videos of the Nice attack are horrible.
  18. David87

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    This military coup shit is crazy.
  19. Kellan

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    Hopefully they can oust Erdogan.
  20. digital by birth

    Evolution not revolution

    Some good news for once.

    The hole in the Ozone layer over the Antarctic appears to be healing, say scientists.

    Recovery of the hole has varied from year to year, partly because of the effects of volcanic eruptions. Now after taking account of that influence, scientists have concluded that the Ozone layer really is on the mend and the predict that the hole could close permanently by the middle of this century.

    The change is attributed to the 1987 “Montreal Protocol”, which brought in a ban on the use of Ozone destroying chlorofluoro-Carbons or CFCs to you and me.

    So there you go proof we can make positive changes if the will is there, now we just need to apply the same level of seriousness to the Green House effect!!
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  21. SmithBerryCrunch

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  22. domotime2

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    ^ jesus christ. just read about that. Pretty sick, horrifying stuff. Will probably get zero coverage and facebook will give no shits because there's no fun political spin on it.
  23. skogsraet

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  24. muttley

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    I think I need to go back to ignoring the news. I don't need to hear about mass killings every week. The fearmongering is working.
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  25. digital by birth

    Evolution not revolution

    IN THE WAKE OF Italy’s Earthquake

    Could Italy’s recent earthquake be the result of Global Warming?? Some scientists predict more great earthquakes will be caused by the planets tectonic plates shifting, as the great weight, applied onto them by ice caps, is removed as they melt, speculation of course.