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    Deff wanna checkout the Webster Hall dates!
  3. Micah511

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    I haven't heard it from KP yet, but they have the most potential. I've tried getting into MB, and I couldn't. Their new record bored me. I saw someone mention them touring with Microwave, TMP, and letlive., which is awesome, a bunch of variation there. This lineup just doesn't do anything for me. I feel like Turnover could've done really well with them as well, but they might be purposefully staying away from the pop punk lineups.
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    Really fucking love Blush, so I am stoked to see MB. Love TWY, new Real Friends didn't win me over like their previous album, but i'd be happy to see them live. Never listened to Knuckle Puck- really like their name though. Saw TWY last year in Philly the night before thanksgiving. Will be very happy to do that again this year.
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    it gets played as often as The Greatest Generation ... those are the two records that i'll put on most when i wanna listen to TWY. Suburbia too sometimes, but not as often, and i almost never listen to Upsides. i don't like it as much as TGG but it's a solid part of their discog for me.
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    based on what you might normally get out of a pop-punk bill like this...

    25-30m seaway
    25-30m moose blood
    30-35m knuckle puck
    40-45m real friends
    1h15m-ish wonder years

    my guess is there'll be quick change-overs between all of the first four bands and you've got about a 4-hour show there.
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    hey, same guess!
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    VIP packages for NJ purchased. Beyond hyped.
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    I don't know if I've ever been more excited for a lineup. Finally get to see Moose Blood!