The Wonder Years 3rd (occassionally) Annual Halloween Extravaganza Tour • Page 2

Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by TrailerParkJesus, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. troyplaysbass

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    Each band is doing a short cover set and then their regular set.
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  2. Donnie Ruth

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    OH sweet! I actually just went and checked from last year ... seems cool! I like bought tickets without checking beyond and then saw “cover set” and was like ahhh shit I’m confused lol.
  3. cameoutswingin


    Whats the chance TWY covering Limp Bizkit will cover TWY's Bout to get Fruit Punched Homie? How can we make this happen?
  4. kman22


    I was pretty sure that song was laid to rest after the 10 year anniversary shows.
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  5. cameoutswingin


    Yeah i know but i just think it would be cool to see "limp bizkit" play it. Seems like the only chance we would hear it again, but yeah i doubt they would want to play it 8 nights.
  6. Morgan


    I think kississippi is opening up for this
  7. Joe4th

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    They’re not
  8. ItsAndrew


    Kississippi literally just canceled being on the recent Prince Daddy tour for personal reasons so it makes zero sense for them to be on this tour.
  9. Morgan


    heavily rumored that tour was canceled because her and Kory broke up
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