The Wonder Years 3rd (occassionally) Annual Halloween Extravaganza Tour

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  1. TrailerParkJesus Aug 15, 2019
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    Thu, OCT 17 Newport Music Hall Columbus, OH
    Fri, OCT 18 Mr. Smalls Theatre Milvale, PA
    Sat, OCT 19 Saint Andrew’s Hall Detroit, MI
    Sun, OCT 20 Metro Chicago, IL
    Thu, OCT 24 Baltimore Soundstage Baltimore, MD
    Fri, OCT 25 Warsaw Brooklyn, NY
    Sat, OCT 26 Theatre of Living Arts Philadelphia, PA
    Sun, OCT 27 Royale Boston, MA

    The Wonder Years will be covering Limp Bizkit. As of now, no confirmed openers, but the cover sets will be Oasis, Weezer, and Carly Rae

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  2. josh-

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    Going to Detroit. Stoked for THE BIZKIT SET

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    I don't think it's The Early November, since they're playing The Shelter five days before the Detroit show.
  4. zack33107


    It looks like it would be 2 bands splitting the tour with TEN playing the 2nd half
  5. kidblink

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    Yeah TEN is playing the TLA exactly a week before the Wonder Years TLA show

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    Bought my ticket for Detroit.
  7. Tifoil


    This will be my first The Wonder Years solo show and second in my life, and Im SO excited!
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  8. brad4846


    I'm suprised Boston didnt go instantly. Seems like it's still onsale
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  9. monrovian


    philly sold out
  10. Kelsey


    Excited for these. Hoping to do Michigan and others depending on my schedule. Enjoyed the queen set last year a lot
  11. darkstorms139


    I'll be in Baltimore, Soundstage should be a great venue for this kind of thing and it'll sell out soon I'm sure.
  12. kman22


    Let us pray for Fireworks
  13. cameoutswingin


    Trash Boat added for second half (east coast)
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  14. Travis Masterson


    Soooo Future Teens is the opener right?
  15. cameoutswingin


    Thats all soupy posts about on twitter. Is he managing them or something?
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  16. Staypositive83


    Took a listen to Trash Boat. Snooze. At least the Oasis will be fun. I’d imagine they will only do the 3 bigger songs.

    How many Limp Bizkit songs do you think TWY will do? I’m hoping the main set is still decent.

    I could see
    My Way
    Break Stuff

    Anything more would be torture rather than fun.

    I’m also wondering why he’s all about Future Teens. They are catchy but I’m a bit old for their schtick.
  17. shawnesty23


    They did 5 queen songs so I wouldn’t expect more than that
  18. VanMastaIteHab

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    I’m gonna be so on board for the Weezer and Carly Rae sets, can’t say I care much about Bizkit or Oasis.
  19. emojedi


    Bizkit > Weezer, Carly Rae
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  20. ItsAndrew


    Homesafe added to the Chicago show, not sure if they are one of the unannounced bands or not.

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    Yup, they're playing the first four dates and doing a Weezer set.
  22. Travis Masterson


    I'm honestly not sure, but he posts so much about them that I'm just going to assume they're the 3rd band playing the Carly Rae set. You heard it here first.
  23. cricketandclover

    Things have changed.

  24. theasteriskera


    Future Teens new album is SO GOOD!!
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  25. Donnie Ruth

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    Anyone got insight on how these shows will work? I bought tickets for Boston without looking into it. Is it a cover set?