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The Wonder Years’ Queen Set (Video)

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 1, 2018.

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  2. FrankieThe4th

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    Really struggled with whether or not I wanted to try and make it out to this show so thank you to Mike Yablon for posting!
  3. theasteriskera

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    It was a really good show; I was a little skeptical on whether or not Soupy could channel his inner Freddie Mercury, but TWY killed it.
  4. MacbethSin


    The ONLY way to cover Queen is to give it everything you've got. Looks like they nailed it
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  5. Buscemi knows best

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    That kicked a whole bunch of ass.
  6. thegreatbenbino

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    This is pretty cool. Love that Soupy didn't really try to change his vocal delivery to be more "Freddie"f. Just went balls to the wall as usual.
  7. AWasteOfATime

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    Im certain this is better than Bohemian Rhapsody (2018, dir. bryan singer)
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  8. BradBradley


    I was unsure how this would turn out, but it was great. I haven’t heard many bands do Queen covers, probably for good reason. I remember The Used doing a cover of Under Pressure, but that’s about as much as I can recall. This looked like it was so much fun.
  9. summertimejesus

    Birds and Guitar

    So glad I went to this last week! They killed it!
  10. russvanderhoof


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  11. seanxwilliams

    Scar crossed lovers, forever

    As amazing as the fancy dress and cover set is, it looks like Soupy sort of doesn't know what to do with himself throughout the songs?
  12. Bartek T.

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    oh, this is quite stellar, though I was rather sceptical if it's gonna fit at all