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The Winter Passing – “Significance” Video

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. Melody Bot

    Your friendly little forum bot. Staff Member

  2. ale5875


    Best band. The chorus in this song is huge.
  3. Tom Lee


    Great, and lovely band! Always have a smile on my face when I see them.
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  4. MrSark

    On doit jouer à domicile comme à la maison.

    Surprised to see them on here. Great band though, always puts on a good show, even if it's just 4 songs because the promotoer messed up...

    Can't wait to see them on Saturday for the release show :D
  5. ale5875


    Haha, what happened?

    I wanted to go to that show, but the flights were just too expensive, probably because of Labour Day holiday. :-/
  6. MrSark

    On doit jouer à domicile comme à la maison.

    They were supposed to headline but all the other bands showed up late or played past their time, that at the end The Winter Passing could only play 4 songs. Promoter didn't care at all. Still gave it their all though.

    Flights to/from Dublin always seem to reach ridiculous hights when there is a Bank Holiday Monday here. Even Ryanair will rip you off even more than usual...
  7. Tom Lee


    Just played with them in Leeds. Their new songs sound killer live. Biggest bunch of sweethearts, love them all!
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  8. ale5875


    Oh, that sucks. I only saw them once last year when they were opening for Moose Blood, so they played like 6 songs, but it was great nonetheless. Hope to see them again if they come to Europe sometime or if I find cheaper flights the next time!

    And yes, return flights were like 200€, which is definitely not worth it just for a show. Especially since Dublin is probably my least favourite place in all Ireland, haha.