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The West Wing TV Show

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Jason Tate, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. The West Wing is an American serial political drama television series created by Aaron Sorkin that was originally broadcast on NBC from September 22, 1999, to May 14, 2006. The series is set primarily in the West Wing of the White House, where the Oval Office and offices of presidential senior staff are located, during the fictitious Democratic administration of Josiah Bartlet (played by Martin Sheen).
  2. I think I'm gonna break this back out again. Been a while, I want a fun show to watch in the background when I'm doing other stuff. It's time.
  3. This is one of the only shows I can keep on in the background, since it's so dialogue-focused. I could listen to the characters banter back and forth all day. I've been debating picking up the full series box set, but so far I've held off since it's on Netflix. Maybe before my next full re-watch.
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  4. Wharf Rat

    I know a little something you won't ever know Prestigious

    Yeah I've been tossing around the idea of rewatching this
  5. ramomcferno

    Mystery is the secret ingredient Prestigious

    I know the first couple of seasons are regarded as the best but I really enjoyed the final season. It might be my favorite.
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  6. I like the final season a lot too. The show really stumbled in five, but it found its groove again by six, and the focus on the new candidates in seven made for a really refreshing and exciting finish.
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  7. In hindsight the deal to put Mendoza on the court is a really bad move.
  8. CJ is such an amazing character and such a fantastic actress.
  9. John Lopiano

    aka Broken Parachute Moderator

    I would put it in my top five shows all time. I mean, I'm not shocked anymore by the brilliance of Sorkin but at the time I first watched it, I was pretty mesmerized.
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  10. T.J.

    music and baseball.

    I was 11 when this came out, and I first watched it in my early 20s on Netflix. I am watching again now. I love this show so much. There are so many good points that align with my personal beliefs. This show really confirmed a lot of what I was already thinking amidst a strong Republican presence in my life. I wish Josiah Bartlett was running for president now. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to vote for him.
  11. T.J.

    music and baseball.

    I am currently on the show where she stood toe to toe with General Barrie. I am not sure of general opinion, but she is definitely a strong presence in this show.
  12. Kellan

    @kellanthomas Prestigious

    Watching the episode where Charlie fills out his tax return, and he talks about buying a new DVD player for $499. Lol.

    This show is so fucking good, no matter how many times I watch it.
  13. Kellan

    @kellanthomas Prestigious

    There are so many just sweet, feel-good and/or emotional moments in this show. Why am I tearing up as President Bartlet calls Donna's English teacher?
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  14. T.J.

    music and baseball.

    I agree. This show can be very uplifting with what the White House can accomplish. Sounds like we are both at the same spot in our rewatch. I could watch this show all the time.
  15. Beholdtheriver


    My wife and I decided to watch this show last year since we saw it on Netflix. I had never seen it before - instantly one of my favorites of all time. Just an incredible show. A few notes:

    1) I first became aware of Rob Lowe from Parks and Rec so it was very entertaining to see young Rob Lowe

    2) I cried like a fool when Leo died

    3) I am a republican - I will not derail this thread by answering any questions about why, so don't ask - but I would vote for Bartlet any day

    4) The Charlie-Jed relationship is so good

    5) IMO, the biggest misstep the show made was the way they handled Toby's "exit" from the White House. Totally out of character.

    Like I said, all in all one of my favorite shows ever. #bartletforamerica
  16. T.J.

    music and baseball.

    to repeat offenders to the show

    I hate that Sam Seaborn left. I wish the actor would have stayed. I miss his presence,

    With all the crappy television on right now, and him done with Parks and Rec, I wouldn't be against a WW show back with him back as President.
  17. T.J.

    music and baseball.

    I don't know if talking about the old show still constitutes as spoilers, so...

    Watching Sam Seaborn get written off the show still depresses me. I always felt like he was the next president in the show. With all the dumb shows being written now, I wouldn't be against a new WW show with him winning an election all these years later.

    Also, I feel like Toby going down for something he believes in isn't against his character. The politics around him let him down, but I don't feel like his exit if out of character. I feel like he went down swinging, which Toby always did going into an issue.
  18. T.J.

    music and baseball.

    I just watched the Season 7 episode "The Debate." Afterwards, I googled it and found out it was recorded live. That's real gutsy and cool. Wish I was in this show back then. Would have been neat to experience.
  19. Josh Molina (who played Will Bailey) and Hrishi Hirway (of Song Exploder) have been doing a really great West Wing recap podcast called The West Wing Weekly. They're a lot of fun to listen to, and Josh and the guests have tons of great behind-the-scenes stories. Dule Hill's episode was a particularly good one.
  20. The recent podcast episode with Richard Schiff is incredible. Everyone should give it a listen.
  21. Shakriel

    Don’t fuck with me, I will cry. Prestigious

    I rewatch the crap out of 1-4 seasons. Never been a huge fan of the rest.
  22. T.J.

    music and baseball.

    with Rob Lowe's recent show tanking, they should bring back the WW with him in office or campaigning. or something! i would certainly eat it up. haha
  23. Glad they shifted to Santos the last two seasons. Instead of sticking with just the White House. Made it much more interesting.
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  24. Wharf Rat

    I know a little something you won't ever know Prestigious

    "Isaac and Ishmael" directly following "Two Cathedrals" is just the most jarring shift in quality
  25. Matt Chylak

    I can always be better, so I'll always try. Supporter

    Just watched the back half of S2 again. Bartlett's dark night of the soul is incredible.