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The Webcomics Thread

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by RyanPm40, Mar 25, 2018.

  1. RyanPm40

    The Torment of Existence Supporter

    I know we have our comic books thread, Marvel threads, and DC threads, but I've been an avid reader of webcomics since I was in middle school. I'm curious if anyone else is in the same boat and would like to discuss some of their favorites! I'll kick off with mine..

    1. Sam and Fuzzy
    The comic that started out about a Taxi driver named Sam and his mischievous, raunchy friend Fuzzy, the talking teddy bear. The comic consists of a demonic refrigerator, an incompetent Ninja Mafia, and an underground full of inhumans such as Vampires and talking T-Rex's. It started off as a gag comic in 2001 that overtime has created a massive world and intriguing adventure storylines, while maintaining its humor.

    Updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

    2. Questionable Content
    Questionable Content
    From Wikipedia:
    "The plot originally centered on Marten Reed, an indie rock aficionado; his anthropomorphized personal computer Pintsize; his roommate, Faye Whitaker; their mutual friend, Dora Bianchi; and their neighbor Hannelore Ellicott-Chatham. However, over time a supporting cast of characters has grown to include employees of the local coffee shop, neighbors, and androids. QC's storytelling style combines romantic melodrama, situational comedy, and sexual humor, while considering questions of relationships, sexuality, dealing with emotional trauma, and, as of late, artificial intelligence and futurism."

    Updates every day, Monday through Friday.

    3. Power Nap

    POWER NAP - In man's struggle against the world, bet on the world.
    Written by Maritza Campos of "College Roomies From Hell" and drawn by Bachan, a mexican illustrator and artist, this is an intriguing, dystopian comic about a future where everyone is able to take supplements that allow them to never sleep, allowing them to work crazy hours at their jobs. Unfortunately, there a more "second-class" citizens who are allergic to the supplements and are unable to take them, making their life a living hell. There's a lot of intriguing scifi in this comic, and overtime our hero Drew realizes there is something more to this world.. something sinister that the rest of the population is unaware of. The artwork in this comic is simply incredible, and unfortunately it has rather sporadic updates, but worth the read.
    4. Something Positive
    S*P and Other Comics
    A comic known for its incredibly dark and cynical humor. The comic follows the jerk of a main character Davan, his friends, and his boneless, amorphous pudding cat Choo-Choo Bear. The story began in Boston in 2001. Since then, it's expanded to Texas, California, and a few other nightmares along the way. According to the artist, "These are people you know, although you may not admit it. It's just a comic about trying to live you life and bringing a few friends with you so you don't kill anyone. At least, not anyone you might get in trouble for. " The comic is ridiculous, funny, and charming. It's been awhile since I've kept up with this strip, but I love the memories. The artist tries to update the comic daily.

    There are a few other comics that I've read and outgrown over the years, such as Candi Comics and CRFH, but they both kind of went off the deep-end before going on hiatus, but the others are the main strips I continue to keep up with. Comics like the geeky XKCD, or the sick and twisted Perry Bible Fellowship are great ones as well.

    What about you guys!? What are some other great comics to get into?
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  2. GBlades


    Subbing to this. However, just makes me realise that I miss Broodhollow....
  3. RyanPm40

    The Torment of Existence Supporter

    I've never heard of Broodhollow! What's it about? I'm always interested in checking out something new. At a quick glance, I like the art style.

    I'd love if I can get even one new person into Sam and Fuzzy, it's definitely one of my favorite comics period, up there with Calvin and Hobbes. I also just remembered an old comic called Phil Loves Tacos that I liked as a kid, haven't thought about that one in years.

    I also used to read a lot of videogame sprite comics when I was a kid like Bob and George but I wouldn't be remotely surprised if those don't hold up and it was just enjoyable to sixth grade me.
  4. GBlades


    I'd say Lovecraftian horror in the 1900's. Guy goes to a small town and weird things start happening. Sounds predictable but it's actually kinda creepy!

    I'm happy to take any recommendations, too! Need to get back into reading these. I used to read Looking for Group but fell off the wagon.
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