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The Used Band • Page 54

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by bradsonemanband, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    I don't really care about character or the story if it sounds bad. I can write an epic story of an album but it'll be shit.
  2. slimfenix182


    Ocean gave me hopes for the next record's sound with the rawness and then they put out Imaginary Enemy
  3. clockwise

    100 percent soft punk rebel. Prestigious

    Same, it left me very confused at the time.
  4. inlayjay


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  5. bradsonemanband

    Prestigious Supporter

  6. That pop up shop is pretty cool! I enjoyed looking through some of the gear they have, even though most of their gear isn't really for me.
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  7. JamesMichael

    Creative Developer Prestigious

    I'm sure TUG will have been and bought everything already.
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  8. Daniel182

    Let's hold our breath until we disappear

    I believe inlayjay is TUG
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  9. latortuga

    Regular Supporter

    Pop up shop is pretty neat actually. I've seen this tech used for virtual home tours but not something like this, I dig. I also found Heartwork Vinyl which is a really neat looking vinyl and I like this release so I think I might go for it...
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  10. Daniel182

    Let's hold our breath until we disappear

    I found this while browsing on YouTube last night. I was at this show! This was the first show I went to of my own choosing, and I was just days away from turning 12 years old.

    Had no idea this existed, and I am so happy to relive it now.
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  11. Ah that’s so cool! I wish that I could have seen The Used around that time. Any time I watch one of their live shows from their first two albums it looks awesome.
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  12. kyle Nov 14, 2020
    (Last edited: Nov 14, 2020)
    I saw them twice during their s/t days but unfortunately I can’t remember much about those shows.
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  13. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    first time I saw them was 2003 and have seen them 6 times total
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  14. bradsonemanband

    Prestigious Supporter

    The first time I saw them was right after they got signed. Self Titled hadn’t even come out yet. And at that show, there was maybe 50 people there I think. At one point, Bert puked all over the stage, and in the middle of the song, Quinn took his guitar off, threw it down into the puke, jumped on his guitar, and then picked it back up and kept playing. It completely blew my 16-ish year old mind. Hahaha. Living in the same town as them, I’ve got quite a few stories from those early days. Loved them back then.

    Total, I think I’ve seen them close to 10 times.
  15. Mcrx


    Oh idk...maybe not worth commenting on. Lol But I actually miss Tug, if it's not!

    Ok so context clues, I'm guessing 03 or 04...or 02? Lol

    I saw them in 04 on the ProRev tour, and that solidified my love for them/that album. It was a really great performance. Don't remember too much either, but I DO remember the Bert tees, and that is how I figured out he was the singer. Haha... no puking at my show, that I could tell. I was kinda far away, but like I said, it was great! Definitely a highlight of the night (helps that I loved ALL the setlist/that album lol It was RIGHT before ILAD, I guess, but I think they played a couple from that) and I was with my BFF for it, so like Blue and Yellow will always mean so much to me. :D
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  16. Mcrx


    Oh yea! And I really want a couple of those new hoodies (afraid to say specifics and them get snatched up lol). But like, I also have no money and have other things on my gift list that have priority. Ugh! Idk...why can't I be a kid again and get lots of presents??! Lol
  17. Daniel182

    Let's hold our breath until we disappear

    June 2003!
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  18. Mcrx


    That's rad! If I remember right, I was just getting into the album at that time, so like probably missed them coming around that year. Oh well!

    And I have to watch your upload still, but bet it was super rad! :D

    I'll prolly cry too. Maybe memories?? Lol
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  19. Full Effect Ed

    ...In F*cking Full Effect Prestigious

    My first Used show was in 2002 when they opened for Goldfinger (prior to S/T coming out - GF was touring for their “Open Your Eyes” record), then I saw them again later that year when they opened for Box Car Racer
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  20. I wish I heard more folks in general (not necessarily here) talk about Artwork. I think that The Used's Self Titled is probably their best album but I think that Artwork might be my favorite album by them. I can listen to this at any time, every day, and I'm not skipping a song. Artwork needs all of the love.
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  21. angel paste

    grey hairs, get out of me zoots! Prestigious

    Meant To Die slaps
  22. TedSchmosby


    Someone said in this thread a while back that Meant to Die and Sold My Soul have something special about them. That made me listen to the album and it very well might be my favourite of theirs. Those two songs definitely pop into my head often, they’re so catchy
  23. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    I definitely called those two out specifically in the Heartwork thread, so if it's me that spurred you checking it out, that's great to hear!
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  24. TedSchmosby


    Yes, must've been! Thanks!! :)
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  25. Dog Fish

    soups up

    I'm pretty sure I can say this without nostalgia goggles, but s/t fucking rips. One of my favorite full lengths from the scene. Love revisiting that album. Don't really enjoy anything else...but damn was that album amazing.
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