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The Used - Heartwork (April 24, 2020) Album

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by gutterball, Apr 9, 2020.

  1. gutterball Apr 9, 2020
    (Last edited: Apr 21, 2020)


    the used new album heartwork 4.24


    1 Paradise Lost, a poem by John Milton

    2 Blow Me (feat. Jason Aalon Butler)

    3 Big, Wanna Be

    4 Bloody Nose

    5 Wow, I Hate This Song

    6 My Cocoon

    7 Cathedral Bell

    8 1984 (Infinite Jest)

    9 Gravity's Rainbow

    10 Clean Cut Heals

    11 Heartwork

    12 The Lighthouse (feat. Mark Hoppus)

    13 Obvious Blasé (feat. Travis Barker)

    14 The Lottery (feat. Caleb Shomo)

    15 Darkness Bleeds, FOTF

    16 To Feel Something

    playlist of all songs released so far...
  2. Leftandleaving

    I will be okay. everything Supporter

    don’t they have an album named artwork too

    very annoying
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  3. Bane

    The spiciest meme

    Not only do they have Artwork and now Heartwork but the artwork for Heartwork cops In Love and Death too

    Personally I find it very amusing
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  4. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    The songs so far have been there best in a while, excited for this
  5. getting close!
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  6. thenewmatthewperry

    performative angry black man Prestigious

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  7. That was sick. I actually really liked that. Very different for them.
  8. adamlikesdogs


    That riff in the first single sounds super close to Half Lit by Single Mothers.
  9. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    holy shit, this new song is fucking cool. I honestly can't belive we're about to get a new Used album in 2020 that is shaping up this well
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  10. I love Paradise Lost, meh on Blow Me, but wow Cathedral Bell is real good. Wait.. am I surprised for an album by The Used in 2020? What? I'm just surprised because I cannot get through Canyon, so this is great.
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  11. Matt504

    Regular Prestigious

    Cool video and pretty good song, very Billie Eilish esque...
  12. I hope so!
  13. vidiviciveni


    Well fuck me Obvious Blase is actually a really good song, sounds straight off of In Love and Death

    This band completely lost me from Artwork on but they still know how to write a good hook occasionally
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  14. SpyKi

    I've been in love with her for ages Supporter

    yeah the last few songs released have all surprised me. kind of excited for this now.
  15. SamLevi11

    Trusted Supporter

    I actually really enjoy every song released so far...

    I haven't truly enjoyed a record from these guys since Artwork, although I liked some of Vulnerable and the song Over And Over Again.

    This is shaping up to be a really surprisingly good release.
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  16. Anthony_

    A (Cancelled) Dork Prestigious

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  17. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

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  18. Anthony_

    A (Cancelled) Dork Prestigious

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  19. bradsonemanband

    Prestigious Supporter

    these new singles rule
  20. Dog Fish

    soups up

    this will probably be p4k's second perfect 10 this week.

  21. Daniel182

    Let's hold our breath until we disappear

    Didn’t realize there was an album thread for this! I’m pretty excited to hear it.
  22. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    I'm waiting for the full album at this point, haven't listened to the last few
  23. Rowan5215

    An inconsequential shift as the continents drift.

    wow had written this off as garbage but "Obvious Blase" and "Cathedral Bell" are honestly great, pleasantly surprised
  24. Rowan5215

    An inconsequential shift as the continents drift.

    drip drip
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  25. Rowan5215

    An inconsequential shift as the continents drift.

    well off first listen about a third is hot, hot garbage, but the rest is pretty good and has some pretty cool colours/textures for this band. probably better on average than most of their post-ILAD output