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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by BirdPerson, Apr 26, 2018.

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    Killer Ratings on Netflix is seriously getting slept on.
  3. Kiana

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    Too many podcaster ppl have annoying voices. And when they shout talk ahhh it's so annoying. It's why crime junkie is still my fave. Nice soothing voice.
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    Crime Junkie!!!!!!

    Also True Crime Obsessed, because Patrick is Fabulous and Gillian is a sarcastic bitch like me.
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    have you started Cold yet?!
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    Fair enough!

    My wife started a new podcast called "Something Was Wrong" and has been raving about it.
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    I’ve been laid up at home with a sprained knee so Netflix has been my friend the last week.
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    Finally started Cold today.

    It’s friggin amazing.
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    Watched this based on your recommendation. Was sad, mad, and perplexed. Two thumbs up
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    Glad you gave it a chance. I feel like everyone is sleeping on it because it's in a foreign language but it's just as compelling as most of the other true crime stuff that people clamour over.
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    I can't stand MFM or Last Podcast. The hosts for these shows are obnoxious and crass and all they do is laugh at their own dumb jokes. They rant and go on tangents and get around to the crime after a bunch of bullshit.

    Sword & Scale is literally the only true crime podcast I'll listen to. It goes straight into each case with no bullshit or fanfare. And they play courtroom audio, 911 calls, audio from bodycam recordings, etc. It's good stuff.
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    I've binged the podcast Broken Harts the past few days and damn this story is heartbreaking (no pun intended).
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    I've been listening to the this is why we drink podcast and like it's okay. Nothing rly special or unique but their voices don't annoy me and they don't just shout talk. But this episode I'm on Christine describes her old fall out boy obsession and how she spent hours in her youth hunting down Patrick stumps phone number and left him a voicemail and it's such stalker no boundaries would have been #goals of my deranged teen self that I'm stanning!!!
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    If any of you still have FB, you should join John's True Crime Videos group. It's good for ball
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    Idk if anyone struggles with the boundaries of being interested by true crime and crossing that line into disrespectful. I don't think being interested in true crime is inherently disrespectful, but I hear a lot of criticism over some of the comedy true crime podcasts and stuff and ppl like fetishizing true crime and the victims getting lost in the lore of the killer. It got me thinking because I listen to true crime podcasts that ask for listener stories and I listen to those episodes. But as soon as my sister suggested we send in a hometown murder from our town, my instinct was "absolutely not, she was a real person. How would her family and friends feel treating what happened as entertainment for a podcast?" Which I recognize is hypocritical because I'm willing to listen to those things until it's someone I know as the subject and then it feels wrong. As soon as that personal connection is there then I draw a line. But obv all these stories of true crime have a personal connection to someone somewhere. I grew up on forensic files and other true crime shows but I guess I am working on finding what that line is for myself.
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    true crime makes me uncomfortable but it could just be me, like I'll be like ooh this cult where they abuse young women that's wild and then I'm like fuck that's CSA

    I don't necessarily judge people though unless it's like with Jon Benet, but I do think there's a way to not be exploitative and respect victims but it's hard
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    I was thinking about this today too. I’ve been watching Mindhunter and it got me thinking about how people reacted in the Stranger Things thread about them possibly linking Chernobyl to next season. Seems like the general consensus was that would be disrespectful to use a tragedy like that for our entertainment. Yet shows like mindhunter get into the horrific details of what happened to these victims and it’s played to entertain us by how awful it is. Yet I don’t really see too many people dragging it for using the pain of actual victims for our entertainment.
  21. BirdPerson

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    I don't listen to true crime podcasts but I do watch a ton of true crime tv shows. That is some serious food for thought.

    Shows like Dateline spend a TON of time profiling the victim. A show like Snapped, by its nature, tends to focus on both victim and perpetrator. Shows like Injustice with Nancy Grace should be fired into the sun because she's exploiting victims under the guise of honoring them (per her track record)