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  1. AshlandATeam


    Brian Fallon's Painkillers is one of the best albums I've heard in a lot of years, not just this one. It's basically perfect.

    Love the new records by Weezer, Modern Baseball, blink, and House of Heroes. In some order, they'd round out my top 5.
  2. Craig Ismaili

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    Not a single person forgot. We all made the right call
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  3. DrawYourMind

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  4. DrawYourMind

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    This Sturgill Simpson album is really awesome. Thanks!
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  5. Kiana

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    Not a huge fan of the list but idk what I'd put instead cause I'm a flop. I haven't even listened to the new radiohead yet which is ridic. Not a ton of albums this year have grabbed me. Like most of what I've listened to is not bad but not memorable either. I need to ship up in time for aoty lists
  6. Fixed.
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  7. Will fix shortly.
  8. BigMouth

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    Can't tell if you're sarcastic or not but that is one of my favourite records of the year.
  9. GEM37

    The Day Star Approaches, You Know What It Brings

    If by 'made the right call,' you mean 'We all agreed to pull a Pinkerton on this one and realize in 5 years that this album is actually brilliant and raw and personal but ignored that at the time because we were too busy complaining about how it didn't sound like that other album we liked,' then yeah sure, I'll take that.

    New letlive. is missing from this list too.
  10. GEM37

    The Day Star Approaches, You Know What It Brings

    Sincere. One of my favorites too. Best they've sounded in years.

    I guess sarcastic in the sense that I know the album is widely disliked at this point.
  11. SpyKi

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    letlive. and Say Anything are both bad and big disappointments to me.
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  12. Aaron Mook

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    well that's certainly not what i meant
  13. BigMouth

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    I'm glad you dug it! I don't like the new letlive. album that much (and I'm a superfan of them) but it's nice to see someone appreciate the SA record. I agree about the Pinkerton comparison.
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  14. FTank

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    Actually kind of a good comparison. Pinkerton and IDTII are both terrible albums.
  15. FTank

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    I thought the new letlive. was ok, certainly haven't been clamoring to listen to it over and over but it's far from bad imo
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  16. GEM37

    The Day Star Approaches, You Know What It Brings

    Reading that hurt, but I have to give you credit for a good setup.
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  17. I'll bet dollars to donuts there aren't very many people that ever come "around" on the latest Say Anything album like people did on Pinkerton (which I also think is over stated, I was around for that and lots of people loved that album). The latest Say Anything isn't good, Pinkerton always was, it was just different. But where Pinkerton is held in the rock music world, is a place Say Anything will never get to to begin with, let alone with that album.

    I set a reminder for June 5th, 2021 to see if anyone even remembers the album title.
  18. Craig Ismaili

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    That album is so, so, so bad. And if I seriously am still listening to it in 5 (or more) years (which implies that I'm listening to it now which I have precisely 0 desire to ever do again) please put me out of my misery because I've probably been locked in a room where they're forcing me to listen to it as some advanced form of 2021 torture.
  19. Craig Ismaili

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    Bite your tongue homie.
  20. Aaron Mook

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  21. bmir14

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    Say Anything's last two albums have ruined their first 3 for me.
  22. cwhit

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    hot take of the day: rozwell kid is a better weezer anyways
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  23. stijn_p

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    1. Kanye West - The Life of Pablo
    2. The 1975 - I like it when you sleep
    3. Modern Baseball - Holy Ghost
    4. Brian Fallon - Painkillers
    5. Blink 182 - California
    6. The Hotelier - Goodness
    7. The Falcon - Gather Up the Chaps
    8. Say Anything - I Don't think It Is
    9. Saosin - In Shadows
    10. Foxes - All I Need

    Honorable mentions: Future, Face to Face, Daughter, Ariana Grande, PUP, Nothing & Tiny Moving Parts
  24. Anthony_

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    Unrelated but "Front Page Posters" is my new pop-punk band, just signed to Pure Noise Records.

  25. Craig Ismaili

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