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Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Matt, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. quietwords

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    Disneyland Paris is hosting the first official Pride event this year. My husband and I looked into trying to book it, but it’s not in the cards :(
    Hopefully they do it again next year- more time to save.
    But I do hope to see all the Disney parks during my time on this earth!
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  2. David Parke

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    Paris is such a great park and Disney studios next door has crush’s coaster which is my all-time favorite attraction. They also have the DCA version of Tower still running. Their indoor Main Street type area I remember really liking the design of, too. Hopefully you can get out that way soon!
  3. Darthjojo

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    Ah, just discovering this thread! Big WDW fan. Went almost every other year growing up, it's where I proposed to my wife, and also was part of our honeymoon.

    We will be taking our first trip in almost six years this Fall with our 2-year-old. Excited to check out all the new stuff that's opened since the last time we've been. Looking at the height restrictions, I'm actually surprised at how much we can do with our daughter.
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  4. Matt

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    That's exciting! What are you most looking forward to?
  5. Darthjojo

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    I'm actually really excited to revisit the classic rides like Peter Pan's Flight to now experience it with my kid. She also loves Mickey, Minnie and the gang, so I think the character interactions will be fun.

    For me personally though, I can't wait to check out Toy Story Land and ride Flight of Passage in Animal Kingdom. Also hoping the new Mickey and Minnie Runaway Railway is open then too!
  6. David Parke

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    Disney Parks and Presidents!

    This week, as a nod to President's Day, we deep-dive into the history of Walt Disney's affinity for the highest office in the land - the president of the United States - and his desire to memorialize, in his parks, the men that have held that office for all the world to see!

    Join us, won't you, as we journey through the legacy of presidential visits to the parks before, during, and after their stints as president! We'll then cover the history of some of the most technologically advanced attractions dedicated to the office and its legacy - Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, The Hall of Presidents, and The American Adventure!