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  1. CobraKidJon

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    sorry for bringing this back up so late but didn't know where to start with this podcast so decided to start with the Haunted Mansion episode.

    Every theme park podcast has done an episode on this for this year halloween so this should be fun.
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  2. Matt

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    I'll have to post a picture of my cool Podcast the Ride shirt once I'm on my laptop
  3. colorlesscliche

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    You can listen to the episode about a parking garage, if you'd like.
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  4. Brent

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    Another instance of Disney Magic... we just got a call from Walt Disney World saying they found my moms lost wallet from when we were there last month - she had almost $500 in there. Just incredible that they found that. So thankful for all CM’s involved with the return.
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  5. CobraKidJon

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    podcast the ride going in depth on the Anaheim election was crazy to hear how much Disneyland is doing in politics.
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  6. ship90

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    Since I despise the EW website:

    Included is a clip of the MF ride and the space battle experience (which looks insane)

    Posting this here as well for anyone interested. Going to be wild.
  7. Garrett L.

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    Was at Disney (and HHN) last month. The construction on Star Wars is massive.
  8. I’m so mad at myself for not knowing this forum existed. Hey everyone! I was a big follower of AP back in the day but only got involved with the forums once chorus came about. Never even thought to check the forums on AP.

    I have a Disney parks podcast and blog I’ve been running since 2011 with my best friend. We grew up in Southern California and love Disneyland so we talk mostly about that and other Disney parks but universal, knotts, and a tiny bit of six flags makes it in there!

    Here’s a link to our blog: Remain Seated, Please

    And here’s our latest episode: Moving Forward and Looking Back! — Remain Seated, Please — Overcast

    For good measure, we’re on SoundCloud and YouTube as well. I’ve been playing with a more dynamic way to present the YouTube version of the show. This week I added an animated waveform.

    Feedback is always welcome and appreciated. I usually post new episodes in the self promotion thread but if you’re all cool with it, I’ll probably switch to posting here.

    I wanna respond to so much back stuff! Haha. Anyway here’s a video that popped up last week that seems PERFECT for this set:
  9. CobraKidJon

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    I was going to post that yesterday it is such a great video. Those are the kind of videos I wish we had more of.

    I’ll have to check out your podcast eventually buddy.
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  10. Thanks dude! It’s such a fun watch!! I sent it to an imagineer buddy and he was so conflicted about it. Haha
  11. CobraKidJon

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    haha why is that?
  12. Sean Murphy

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    man i could talk about WDW all dang day.

    Wife and I are going to DL for the first time this summer and I cant wait to experience it.
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  13. Well it’s his favorite ride so he’s so stoked to see all that footage and he’s glad they were fans but not vandals but he said “this is why we can’t have nice things.” So much of their budgets go to stopping stuff like this. Haha
  14. supernovagirl

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    Disney brought back the Florida 3 day ticket deal. It’s not as good as it used to be but then again the price of a one day ticket has gone up since then so.

    I can’t wait to go and see toy story land and avatar for the first time!
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  15. Slinky dog is a great coaster and the flight of the avatar ride is good!
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  16. Sean Murphy

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    I maintain that Flight of Passage is the best theme park ride I have ever experienced. I was in sheer awe after coming off of it.

    Slinky Dog was also surprisingly more fun than I anticipated it would be.

    For the hype of it, I wish TSL was a little bigger, but it’s still great.
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  17. CobraKidJon

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    pshh we could never have nice things with Disney these days lmao. I never got to experience this ride but I’ve seen enough history of horizons to realize how good that ride is and this footage makes it even better.
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  18. Sean Murphy

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    always cool to check out pictures and video clips from people who've managed to sneak their way into river country at WDW. i can't imagine it's overly hard to do especially at night, but it's always amazed me that there's just a completely abandoned park sitting right in the middle of the action around fort wilderness resort, just beyond the treeline. i heard a rumor that once all the new WDW expansions and additions are complete, reviving that/doing something with the land will be the next project.
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  19. That’s be rad. Have you guys been following the Buzzy news???
  20. Sean Murphy

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  21. Well that's always the narrative, right? They're such a vacation destination that a lot of the little things get overlooked.

    We took a SUPER last minute trip to WDW last year for labor day just before our son turned 3 so we didn't have to pay for him (but we did have to pay for his flight. ugh). Luckily the parks weren't too crazy! Stayed at a moderate resort for the first time. I think i'd rather go back to AOA, though. I think they were doing a deal because the hotel was under construction. We went for 6 days and it was NOT ENOUGH TIME. haha.
  22. CobraKidJon

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    my initial plans are for Disneyland in April with the homie @ComedownMachine.

    and wishful thinking for possible universal trip in July because I need to see Harry Potter world.
  23. Sean Murphy

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    The last few times we have gone we have splurged for the moderates but Pop Century is one of my favorite resorts and i don’t think you can go wrong for the accommodations you get for the extreme value price. Especially after the recent round of renovations. I am a firm believer that spending on hotels makes so little sense in a place like wdw Because you can visit them whenever you want. We are up and out all day so it never makes sense to spend too much on the hotel bc we are rarely there to take in the ammenities. I’d recommend Pop of AoA to almost anyone.
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  24. Where you guys staying at Disneyland? Is this your first trip?
  25. SEANoftheDEAD


    It's been about 15 years since I've been to Disney World. My wife wants to take a 1 day detour from Spring Training in March to go to a park with my 1 year old.

    For those who have been recently, is it even worth it to go with a 1 year old? If so, which park? Thinking Epcot might be cool just to wander around the world with him.
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